Siren Waters~ A Remus Lupin Love Story

Hey! I know some of this might not be exactly ''J.K Rowling stuff" but I really wanted to do it. I love the idea of this so... ENJOY!
(P.S. Please comment any ideas!)

Chapter 5

In The Water

by: Stylinson
Weeks passed and I became much closer to the guys. They knew my secret and I knew theirs, fair. We would always be together but I always made time for Lily. I woke up on a chilly Satuday and climbed out of bed. I got dressed and met the guys down in common room.
"Ash!" James gasped.
"Hello." I said in a sing-song voice.
"You know what we realized?" Sirius said standing beside me.
"That up here is full of sawdust!" I said, knocking on his head.
He grimaced.
"No. We've never seen you in your Siren form. We've heard you but never seen you." He said.
My face fell.
"You don't need to. It's merely a fake, prettier version of me. Not the real me."
"Please!" James begged.
"I would love to but it's not that easy. What if we get caught?" I asked.
"We won't." Sirius promised.
"Please Ash!" They pleaded.
Remus was just smiling behind them.
"Alright." I said.
They followed me out the portrait hole, literally bouncing with excitment. We went down to the lake and found a closed off part. The boys sat on a log.
"Close your eyes." I demanded.
"Why?" Sirius asked.
"I have to strip you dumbarse!"
He closed his eyes. I pulled off my jumper and shirt then my jeans and socks. I diuved into the chilly water. My tail formed. Long, shiny aqua and my hair changed to aqua. I felt my eyelashes grow longer and saw the tips turn blue. I felt my lips burn and become puffier. I was pretty much every guys dream, except for the tail. I leant on a rock above water and called out to the guys.
"Open now!"
They gaped at me. I laughed shrilly. After a few miniutes they came back to earth.
"You are amazing!" James exclaimed, coming closer.
They all leant over the rock and stared at me.
"Ha! Your eyes are greeny-blue!" Sirius stated.
"Aqua dumbarse!"
They were leaning in closly examining my new look. I flipped the end of my tail and drenched them in freezing water.
"HEY!" Sirius screamed.
I laughed lightly.
"Can we hear the Siren song?" Sirius asked stupidly.
"No." I said bluntly.
The whole time I never let them see my tail.

(A/N: I know it's kinda short but I haven't any idea what to do next. If you have one let me know!)

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