Siren Waters~ A Remus Lupin Love Story

Hey! I know some of this might not be exactly ''J.K Rowling stuff" but I really wanted to do it. I love the idea of this so... ENJOY!
(P.S. Please comment any ideas!)

Chapter 3

My Jolly Sailor Bold

by: Stylinson
I said a quick goodbye to Lily and climbed out the window. It was a pretty warm night. I slowly clambered down the stone wall until I hit the ground. I advanced on the water. It looked so beautiful. So mezmerizing. I stripped off my shoes, shirt and skirt before diving in. The transformation began. I felt my feet tingle and begin to close the gap between them. I watched as a beautiful aqua blue colour crawled along my strands of hair and watched eagerly as my eyes cleared the blur and I saw crystal clear in the water. The Hogwarts lake was beautiful and full of amazing creatures. I popped my head out for a breath and heard farmiliar voices.
"C'mon Padfoot jump in! Dare yah!"
"Only if you get in!"
"No way! There's merpeople in there!"
"You two are idiots!"
It was the boys, or Marauders as they preffer. I peaked over at them. It seemed James was trying to get Sirius in the water while Peter watched eagerly and Remus laughed at the idiots. I thought for a moent whether it would be mean to sing my Siren song. It would be fine. They would remember everything, except for a few hours they would be in love with someone they've never seen. I hummed the melody in my head and ducked over closer to them. I hid behind a rock and flipped my tail. They noticed.
"Guys! Did you see that?" James exclaimed.
"What is it?" Sirius asked.
"Well, there is merpeople in here!" Remus said reasonably.
I giggled and humed the melody again. They heard it. I began singing.
"My heart was peirced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing can console me but my Jolly Sailor bold.
Upon one summers morning, I carefully did stray
down by the Walls of Wapping, where I met a sailor gay,"
They were instantly mezmorized by the tune. Tomorrow morning was going to be funny. The melody was quiet beautiful. Every Siren sings this song but each in a different way. I loved my tune. Scary but beautiful. I finished up the song with my favorite part.
"My heart was peirced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing can console me, but my Jolly Sailor Bold."
I held the last note and watched them trip in the long grass as the melody flowed away. I giggled and swam deep into the water. Hours later I cambered out of the water, changed back into my human form and crept back up to bed.

(A/N: Okay, I know I got the song from Pirates of the Caribbean but it is just so damn mezmorizing!)

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