Siren Waters~ A Remus Lupin Love Story

Hey! I know some of this might not be exactly ''J.K Rowling stuff" but I really wanted to do it. I love the idea of this so... ENJOY!
(P.S. Please comment any ideas!)

Chapter 2


by: Stylinson
I awoke to a rainy day. Just great. I packed my trunk and left the house. I've never liked this house. My parents were no longer alive and I lived alone. I quickly cast the impervious charm so I repeled water and ran to King's Cross. It wasn't far. When I arrived I casually leaned against the brick wall and fell to platform nine and three quarters. Heaps of people were bustling around me. I clambered aboard the train and tried to find a compartment. Unfortunatly I was late, so they were all full. I found one with only four boys in it. I decided to go in.
"Hey. Do you mind if I sit here?" I asked.
"S-Sure!" One stuttered.
I sat down and began reading my book. Sometimes being a Siren really sucked. I let them stare for a while more before tossing my book aside.
"Aaeesha Aqua, but you can call me Ash." I said.
They introduced themselves as James, Sirius, Peter and Remus. Remus was kind of cute. He didn't dwell over me. Even though I was 14 I had only juist started Hogwarts. Dumbledore had to get in touch with the merpeople of the lake to find out if they would mind me swimming there. I was a beautiful Siren, not a beastly merperson.
"So, why havn't you started Hogwarts before?" Sirius asked.
They all seemed to have gained their voices.
"Well, I used to go to Beauxbatons, but now moved here." I lied.
They nodded.
"Do you know what house you will be in?" James asked.
"Yes. They've sorted me prior to my arrival at Hogwarts." I said.
"Where?" Peter asked hopefully.
"Gryffindor." I said.
They all nodded eagerly but only Remus could speak.
"We're in Gryffindor too." He said.
"Good. Atleast now I know more people."
"Who else do you know?" Sirius quizzed.
I didn't want to talk, just read my book.
"Lily Evans." I said.
Lily and I had been best friends since forever. Her family cared for me when I was young and they are like family. They know what I am.
"The Lily Evans?" James asked astounded.
"Yes, Lily Evans. I thik she has mentioned you before." I said.
"She talks about me!" James said proudly.
"Sure James." I said sarcastically.
The train ride wasn't long and I was soon riding in a carrage with just Lily. She was very happy to see me. We took our seats at Gryffindor table and Dumbledore introduced me. It was awkward. After that we all went up to bed, being very tired.

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