Siren Waters~ A Remus Lupin Love Story

Hey! I know some of this might not be exactly ''J.K Rowling stuff" but I really wanted to do it. I love the idea of this so... ENJOY!
(P.S. Please comment any ideas!)

Chapter 1

Aaeesha- BIO (say: Ay-sha)

by: Stylinson
Full Name: Aaeesha Aqua
DOB: January 25
Age: 14
Year: Fourth
Blood: Half
Breed: Half-Breed
Special: Half Siren
How: Her mother was a Siren and her father a wizard. When on land she is human. She cane touch water on land but when her body is fully emersed in water she turned into her Siren form. She can be on land as a Siren and changes back to human at will.
Patronus: Dolphin
Personality: Quiet, loving. Smart and popular. Known as the good popular girl. Has heaps of friends but preffers to be on her own. Funny and kind to all. Vengful.
- Human: Long light brown hair, bluish eyes, tall, curvy, paleish, stunning.
- Siren: Long aqua blue hair, one blue eye one green eye, long aqua blue-green tail, clam bikini top.

(A/N: Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoy the story!)

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