Two Become One – A Cedric Diggory Love Story

Two Become One – A Cedric Diggory Love Story

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Chapter 3

New Friends

by: xomojoxo
**Hufflepuff Dorm**
'Hey Marisol.' Ada says as I'm getting my things ready for potions.
'Hey!' I look at her for a second. 'What's wrong?'
'Are you gonna sit with me and Jack at dinner tonight?'
'I was gonna sit with Cedric?'
'So now you're ditching your best friend for a guy? I never thought you'd be THAT girl Marisol.' Ada turned to walk away.
'We could all sit together!' I said quickly. I didn't want to fight with Ada, she's my best friend. No one on this earth could ever replace her! Ada turned back to me.
'I guess so. Sorry for overeacting. I just don't want to be stuck with the boys all the time!'
'Well Devyn is really nice, you should go talk to her. She's single, and when me and Cedric hang out, you can hang out with her.'
'Okay.' Ada smiles. 'I was thinking that I should make some more friends this year.' Then we walk to potions together.
**The Black Lake**
After potions I meet up with Ada so we could have lunch at the Black Lake with Fred, George, and Jack. We sit down under a tree and start eating. Over in the distance I can see Cedric, Devyn, Blake, and Olive walking towards us.
'Cedric! Over here!' I yell out to them and start waving my arms.
'Why do you want them to sit with us?' Fred asks, looking very confused.
'Marisol's got a crush on Cedriccc.' Ada explains to him.
'Shut up! And stop saying his name like that!' I feel my cheeks going red. Cedric and his friends come over to us.
'Hey Marisol.' Cedric says and smiles at me. 'This Devyn, Blake, and Blakes girlfriend Olive.' He explains to my friends. Olive has long blonde hair and very cold, gray eyes. I like Blake, but I'm not to sure about Olive.
'Hey Cedric. These are my friends, Ada, Fred. George, and Jack. Do you want to sit with us?'
'Sure.' Cedric sits down next to me, and Devyn sits on the otherside of me.
'I have a prank to play on George.' Devyn whispers in my ear.
'What is it?' I ask.
'You'll see.' She says, and giggles.
We talk and gossip and eat our lunch. Me and Cedric are explaining to everyone why we love Herbology so much when Devyn pulls out something that looks like chocolate.
'George, do you want some chocolate covered peanuts?' Devyn asks him. I figured this must be the prank.
'Sure.' George reaches into the plastic slip lock bag and pulls one out. He puts it into his mouth and start chewing.
'PPPPPFFFFF!' He spits it out and we all start laughing. 'What was that?!'
'Chocolate covered ONIONS!' Devyn cracks up laughing.
'Awww you got me!' George looks at her with admiration. I hope they get together. I think they suit well. As we walk back to our Defense Against The Dark Arts class, Cedric comes up to me and takes me aside.
'Are we still up for that studying session after this lesson?' He asks me. I almost forogt all about it.
'Der! Of course silly!' I normally don't mind Defense Against The Dark Arts, but today I can't wait for it to be over.
'Meet me in the Hufflepuff Dorm.'
'Sure.' I smile at him and we go into the class.
**The Entrance Hall**
'Marisol! Hey!' George comes running up to me.
'Hey George.'
'Can I ask you a favour?'
'Could you put in a good word for me wih Devyn? I really like her and I really want to go out with her.' I crack up laughing. 'What is it?'
'George, she has the biggest crush on you! Go ask her out!'
'Really? Okay!' He runs off. I smile to myself. It's only the first week of year four and everyone is getting love interests! Now Ada is running up to me. This will have to be quick. I can't be late for Cedric.
'Marisol! Jack just asked me out! I said yes!' She squeeles and hugs me.
'That's aweome! And George is going to ask Devyn out!'
'Are you serious? Do you think she's gonna say yes?'
'She told me yesterday that she has the hots for him.'
'That's awesome! And now you and Cedric hey?'
'Hey we aren't even together yet!'
'You will be.'
'You can't possibly know that for sure.'
'He couldn't keep his eyes off you today!'
'Anyways, I'm going to be late to meet up with him. We're studying together this afternoon and hopefully tonight.'
'I won't keep you then! He'll be waiting . . . Dreaming of you . . .' I ignore her and start walking towards the Hufflepuff Dorm, although it feels like I'm flying.

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