Two Become One – A Cedric Diggory Love Story

Two Become One – A Cedric Diggory Love Story

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Chapter 2

Study Partner

by: xomojoxo
Chapter Two - Study Partner
**The Great Hall**
As I walk into The Great Hall me, Ada, and Jack all say goodbye to Fred and George as they go to sit at the Gryffindor table. I see that Cedric has already sat down at the Hufflepuff table, and my heart skips a beat. I've had a massive crush on Cedric FOREVER. I've never had the courage to talk to guys I like though. But this year I've promised myself that I'm going to make an effort to talk to him.
'I'm not going to sit with you guys tonight, okay? I'll see you later.' I tell Ada and Jack.
'Why?' Jack asks me.
'Because she wants to sit with Cedriccc.' Ada says, trying to taunt me.
'Shut up.' I tell her, smile at them, and then walk quickly over to the seat next to Cedric.
'Hey Cedric. Do you mind if I sit here?' I ask him.
'Hey, your Marisol right?' He asks me.
'Of course you can sit here.' He flashes me a crooked smile and my heart melts. I turn to see who else I'm sitting next to and I see a girl with long brown hair with blonde highlights. She's very pale, and she's smiling at me.
'Hi. I'm Devyn Lupin.'
'Hey. I'm Marisol Stevens.'
'Cedric was staring at you before you came over.' She whispers to me, then giggles.
'I doubt it!' I say, blushing.
'So, Marisol. What's your favourite subject?' Cedric turns to me.
'Answer the question without stuttering and embarrassing yourself Marisol.' I think to myself.
'Herbology is definatly my favourite subject.'
'Same here!' He smiles at me again. 'All of my friends say it's boring, but I think it's -'
'So interesting!' I say, cutting him off.
'Exactly.' He smiles at me AGAIN. If he gives me that crooked, beautiful smile one for time I think my heart will collapse.
'I really suck at potions though.' I say.
'I'm pretty good at that. Maybe I could be your study partner?'
'I'd love that.' This time I smile at HIM. We talk all through dinner. I try to include Devyn as much as possible, but Cedric only seems to want to talk to me!
**Hufflepuff Dorm**
When we finish dinner, me, Cedric, Devyn, and one of their other friends Blake make our way to the Hufflepuff Dorm. Blake goes off to his girlfriend, Olive, who is also in Hufflepuff and friends with Devyn.
'Marisol, are you friends with George Weasley?' Devyn asks me.
'I'm like best friends with him. Why?'
'Well I sorta like him . . . What would be the best way to get his attention?'
'Play a prank on him. He loves people who have the same sense of humor as he does. I'll put a good word in for you.'
'Thank you so much. You're a good friend already.' Devyn smiles at me and goes off to some of her other friends. Which leaves me and Cedric alone. Omigod.
'So when do you want to start studying?' Cedric asks me.
'Tomorrow after Defence Against The Dark Arts?'
'That sounds good. I'll see you tomorrow.' Cedric smiles and me and walks away. I think I'm in love.

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