Two Become One – A Cedric Diggory Love Story

Two Become One – A Cedric Diggory Love Story

This is my first story ever so please comment and tell me what you think! If you want to be in this story please comment this:
Love intrest:

Chapter 1

The Train To Hogwarts

by: xomojoxo
**About Me**
Name: Marisol
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Four
Friends: Ada, Fred, George, and Jack
Love interest: Cedric Diggory
Ememies: Any Slytherin
Personality: Very confident and bubbly.
Looks: Long, blonde hair, tan. Tall and very skinny, with no curves.
Other: She has had her far share of depression/eating/self esteem problems in the past, but now she's confident, happy, and back on track.
**The Train To Hogwarts**
I walked into the compartment at the end of the Hogwarts Express train to find my friends. Ada, Fred, George, and Jack were in there. They have been my best friends since my first year at Hogwarts, which was three years ago. Me, Ada, and Jack are all in Hufflepuff, but Fred and George are in Gryffindor. But we do have some classes together, mainly Herbology, my favourite class. All of my friends think it's so boring but it's so interesting and it's my favourite subject.
'Marisol!' All of my friends yelled at once.
'Hey guys!' I squeeled, so happy to see them all again. We sat in the compartment, talking each others ears off. Fred and George have red hair and freckles. They are always pulling pranks on everyone! But it's not even annoying, they are the funniest and most entertaining people I know. Jack has jet black hair and is the most quiet out of all of us. He recently sent me a letter saying that he has a massive crush on Ada, and I sent back saying that she told me she likes him too! He is planning to ask her out when they are alone. They are so good together, I'm so happy for them. Ada is very pale and has long dark brown hair. She as heaps of freckles dotted around her nose, but no where else. She is also very quiet but not as quiet as Jack. As we are about half way to Hogwarts, Ada suggests that we play truth or dare.
'Marisol, you're first! Truth or dare?' Ada asks me.
'What is your most recent secret, one that not even any of us know about?' Ada asks me.
'Well . . . Over the break . . . I developed anorexia?' Their jaws dropped.
'What?' They all said at once.
'I developed anorexia. But don't worry, I've had therepy and now I'm fine. I have my self esteem back. It was just really hard being away from you guys, and I got really depressed I guess. I was also put into the hospital for a little while.' Since I am a muggle born, I was put into a regular, muggle hospital.Their jaws were still on the floor. 'Guys I'm fine! Really! Having therepy has changed everything! Look!' I picked up a pumpkin pasty and ate it. They looked relieved.
'Don't do anything like that again. You scared me!' Jack told me.
'I won't I promise. I'm completely over that! So, Jack, truth or dare?'
'I dare you to . . . kiss Ada for 10 seconds!'
'Ok.' Ada looks at me with a paniced expression on her face. Jack looks at me with a 'thank you so much' expression. They kiss for LONGER then 10 seconds and me, Fred and George all exchange odd looks. I thought the kiss would be really awkward, but they suit each other so well! So we keep playing truth or dare until we finally get to Hogwarts. As we walk up to the school a boy named Cedric Diggory catches my eye.

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