Roxanne & Sirius~ A Sirius Black Love Story

Roxanne & Sirius~ A Sirius Black Love Story

Heyyo! Okay so I Roxanne doesn't belong to me. Actually she belongs to *viria13 on DeviantArt. Check out her drawings, they are amazing! Anyway Roxanne: She is Lucius Malfoy's older sister. She is pale but not ghostly, she had blackish-brown eyes and silver blonde hair. She is tallish and well developed.

Chapter 1

He Has A Fan Club!

by: Stylinson
I clouds outside were heavy and threatening rain. I jumped out of bed and over to my wardrobe. I decided to wear this I ran down stairs and found mum and dad. Again, they were fawning over my younger brother, Lucius. I dont care if it's his first year of school or not he has always been the favorite. Of course mum and dad care about both of us but Lucius is always spoiled more. Most of the time it was good, Lucius got so annoyed sometimes. They noticed me now and ran over.
"Are you ready sweetie!?" Mum asked.
"Of course." I muttered.
They drove us to Kings Cross station but had to get to work so only dropped us off. We boarded the train and stood in the isle for a moment.
"You alright on your own?" I asked.
We nodded at eachother and parted. My brother and I have always had an understanding relationship. We were nice to eachother and laughed together but weren't clingy, which worked well. I peeked into every compartment looking for my friends. Then I found them. Lexie my super close best friend, Belle and Danny. Belle and Danny were just as close as Lexie and I were. But we were the best of friends together.
"Roxy!" They shouted.
I ran in and hugged them all. We were all super tight friends because of our past. The only reason any of us were in Slytherin was because of bood and we were all actually really nice. We didnt bully at all, everyone thinks that because we're Slytherins. Lexi was tall and sorta tan. She had brown-black hair that curled to midback and dark green eyes. Belle was a bit short with light brown har, pale skin and hazel eyes. Danny was average with dark skin, red hair and brown eyes. Where as I was tallish, pale but not ghostly, with blackish brown eyes and silver blonde hair that flowed just passed my shoulders. We were all so different.
"So have you met those Gryffindor boys yet?" Danny asked.
"The ones that tease that Snape kid?" Belle quizzed.
"Yep." Danny said.
"Yeh I've met 'em. They are attractive but mean!" Lexie exclaimed.
Belle nodded in agreement.
"I've never met them." I said innocently.
"Really?" Danny asked.
I nodded.
"You must meet them!" Belle said, grabbing my hand.
She dragged me out of the compartent and along the corridor.
"We can't just waltz in and be like 'Hey my friend wants to meet you!'." I complained.
"I know." Danny said from behind.
"But if we walk out here for long enough we should run into them. Well you will by accident." Belle said.
"Wait! You're not pushing me into a random!" I exclaimed.
"Oh! Look here they come!" Lexie pointed ahead.
Belle pushed me forward and I couldn't help but stumble over my feet and fall into someone's arms.
"Ugh, sorry!" I moaned, standing up and rubbing my head.
"It's okay." Said a voice.
I looked up to a boy with greyish-blue eyes and long black hair. He helped me stand and then shook my hand.
"Sirius Black." He said.
"Roxanne Malfoy, but you can call me Roxy." I said, still dizzy.
Then three boys peered around him. One was short and chubby, another with messy hair and hazel eyes, the others with sandy brown hair and scarrs and scratches.
"James Potter." Said on with messy hair.
"Peter Pettigrew." Said the chubby one.
"Remus Lupin." The other muttered.
I shook their hands then turned back to Sirius. Wow, he was attractive.
"Er, thanks for catching me, but I have to go." I said.
"See you later." He said.
I turned awkwardly and walked back to my friends. Once out of ear shot they started.
"Wow! That Sirius was oogling at you big time!" Lexie exclaimed.
"He so likes you!" Danny said, as we walked into the compartent.
"You should go out!" Belle shouted when the door closed.
"No. Didn't you say they were Gryffindor. I can't." I said stiffly.
They laughed.
"That would be even cuter." Belle said.
"Forbidden love!" Lexie said dramatically.
I laughed along with them.
"Enough about me. Who do you guys like?" I asked, even though I was still thinking of Sirius.
"Well I kinda think this kid, Foster Holl, is cute." Lexie muttered.
We gasped and I snaped out of my day dream. Foster Holl was a burly Slytherin fourth year.
"Foster Holl!" Belle exclaimed.
"He's like the one guy you don't want to like!" Danny said.
"He's two years older and a total arse!" I said.
She blushed.
"He could change." She muttered.
"No he couldn't!" Danny said.
There was an awkward silence.
"Danny, who do you like then?" Lexie asked.
"Easy, Noah Burke!" She said.
We all laughed. Noah Burke was a tall Gryffindor, a total prankster and kinda okay looking.
"Belle?" I asked.
"I don't know." She said sheepishly.
"Don't be ashamed if he's in a different house. Danny likes a Gryffindor." I encouraged.
"Okay. Mason Dravo." She said.
Mason was an extremly smart and handsome Ravenclaw.
"Good luck with that!" Danny retorted.
"Danny!" I exclaimed. "He would love to go out with her!"
"Sorry Belle, but he has like a fan club!" Danny said.
I mused for a moment.
"So does Sirius Black, yet you all think he could like me!" I snapped.
"But Roxy, it's possible for Sirius to like you. Your beautiful!" Belle said.
Not again. Everyone said I was beautiful, but every time I look in the mirror it fails me.
"Not true." I denied.
"So true!" They said in unison.
I read for the rest of the trip. When it grew dark outside we changed into our robes. We hopped in the carrages at Hogsmeade station and were very glad to be back at the castle. The feast was fast and before I knew it we were heading off to bed. I bumped into someone.
"Roxanne again." I heard a farmiliar voice, Sirius.
"Oh sorry." I said.
"It's fine. Goodnight." And he left.
It was all very quick and I was soon snoozing in bed, thinking dreamily of Sirius.

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