Love like... Woe (A marauder love story)

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Chapter 1

Mia's POV

The platform was already crowded with students saying their goodbyes to their parents. Tears strolled down mothers faces, dads looked proudly at their children. I stood with my mother behind me, I heard her sniffle.
"You promise you'll be okay?" She asked. My mothers name was Dianne. She was a muggle which made her uneasy about me going to hogwarts. Yes, I am a witch who attends the greatest school in the country. "No getting into trouble... Tell James he better not bring you along on his little adventures!" She warned. I chuckled to myself. James potter was my neighbour at home, thus being my friend here. He was pureblood so he always knew he was a wizard. I only found out four years ago when I was eleven. I was now going into my fifth year at hogwarts and I was excited for it.
"Okay, I'll warn him not to take me anywhere..." I sighed when she gave me a stern look. She frowned and pulled me into a big hug.
"Mum... Will you tell dad I said bye?" I asked her. Tears glistened in her icy blue eyes. My dad was a muggle and when he found out I was a witch he refused to talk to me. He thought I was a freak... Like I'm not me anymore.
"I will dear- go onto the train... I'll see you at Christmas, will I?" I shrugged.
"Maybe? Bye mom!" I said as the train let out a big whistle. I ran onto the train with my carry bag and my cage witch inside was my owl, Muckers. He hooted excitedly as we passed through the crowds of people. A few Slytherin laughed at me when Muckers swung around in his cage and hit his head off the metal bars. I cringed but continued on walking until I bumped into my friend... James.
"Hey! How goes it prongs?" I asked him. Yes, I knew what his nickname was. I didn't know why he had such an odd nickname though, he just said it was a private joke with the other so called 'Marauders'. I had nothing against the marauders... Except for Sirius. He was such a flirt and has probably snogged every girl in our year!
"Mia! Things are great! Just looking for the marauders... Have you seen them?" He asked me. I frowned and shook my head.
"No, but do you want to find a comp-" I was cut off.
"There they are!" He said pointing into a compartment with three boys sitting inside it. I sighed and followed him inside.
"Prongs. How're you? Hey Marks!" Sirius said. He knew that I didn't like him much so he always tried to talk to me just to my annoyance. Marks was his 'Creative' combination of my full name, Mia Parks.
"Hey black, is it so difficult to just call me Mia? Or is your brain so small that it can not compute to three letter words?" I asked. The other boys 'ohh'ed'. He smirked.
"Whatever Marks... Have a good summer James?" Sirius asked turning to James.
"Ya, me and Mia pranked a few people.. Just a few..." James said winking at me. I laughed. Over the summer we had spare dungbombs so... Let's just say we let them off in the middle of the housing estate.
"Nice!" Remus lupin said. Remus had sandy blond hair and a slightly scarred face. No one asked where those Scars came from... When I asked James he snapped at me and told me to let it go. The compartment door opened and there stood one of my friends, Genvieve Lydia Alkin. Gen was a short girl with wavy blond hair and emerald green eyes. A few freckles spread across her face completing her appearance. She was in hufflepuff. She had her uniform on already and in her hair she wore a black Bow in her hair. She wore the bow to suit her house colours- black and yellow. I was in ravenclaw and proud.
"Hey Gen!" I said giving her a hug. She laughed and sat next to Sirius across from me. "Have a nice summer?" I asked her.
"Ya! Did you?" She asked me.
"Yup... Few pranks here and there..." I chuckled looking at James. He laughed and turned back to his conversation with the other boys. I saw Gen scowling at the others... Only because they were Gryffindors. Although the house she was in she never particularly liked the Gryffindors. The marauders she didn't completely hate because she learned to get use to them because of me and James friendship.
"Ya... Have you seen Winter... Or Delilah?" She asked me. I shrugged.
"Nope, why would I look for Delilah anyway? She hates me for no reason!" I said pouting. Gen sighed and shrugged.
"She probably has her reasons?" she suggested.
"Which is?"
"I don't know..." she muttered. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Delilah Critaso was a Gryffindor- and for some reason she didn't like me. She had thick black hair and Amber coloured eyes.
Winter was another one of my friends, she was a Slytherin though. I wished she hadn't ended up there only because she's super nice to me. Her parents were Slytherin so that could be the reason she's in there?
"Peter... What did you do for the summer?" I asked the quietest boy in the group. Peter had blond hair and was a bit small. He was quiet and liked to hang around with the marauders.
Just then the doors opened and in walked in Delilah closely followed by Winter.


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