Who are my real parents? ( A Harry Potter Story)

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Chapter 1

info and just an intro really

Name:Isabella diggory
Hair color:brown
Eye color:brown but changes depending on the light
Family:diggorys (adopted)
Year:same as Fred and George
body type:athletic but has curves
Personality:ninja like quiet when up to something which is like always always pranking someone very smart the smartest one in her year even though I'm adopted I'm still daddy's little girl and Cedric is very protective over me and like every guys dream girl so every guy wants to be with me I'm also athletic and can beat like every guy in every sport and beat them up if needed I can also be spoiled normally my boyfriend at the time no matter who it is will spoil me I'm in gryffindor


I was just in my room getting ready for my day when an owl lands on my desk with a letter. I just thought the owl came to the wrong room by accident and was meant for my brother from one of his friends from Hogwarts it wouldn't be the first time this has happened also. "Cedric! You got a letter" I yelled since his room is just across the hall from mine. Cedric walked in from what I'm guessing just waking up since his hair is mess and he looks really tired. Cedric grabbed the letter and looked at the front of the envelope. "Um Bells this letter is for you not me." Cedric simply said trying to hide a smile. "But Ced no one writes me I know like no one my age who will be writing me?" I asked confused. "Hmmmm I don't know but maybe I don't know but it can be your letter saying that you are going to Hogwarts to learn how to control your magic." Cedric said simply but his smile getting bigger. I ran over to him and grabbed the letter from him and opened it and started reading it and he was right I'm going to Hogwarts! I was really exicted I get to meet people my age and older then who are not Cedric's friends, I get to play quiddditch, I get to fly, I get to prank on. I ran downstairs to find my dad and mum in the kitchen dad reading the paper and mum cooking breakfast and Cedric walked down the stairs right behind me. "Mum! Dad!" I yelled making them jump. "What did Cedric do this time?" Mum asked me. "Nothing that I know of yet but thats not why I'm down here right now! I got my letter! I'm going to Hogwarts!" I said excitedly and Cedric just laughed at me cause I was so excited. "That's great Bella!" dad said showing that he was happy but also kind of upset since daddy's little girl. "Well looks like we are going to Diagon Alley to go get all of your stuff and Cedric's new supplies." Mum said

---------------Diagon Alley----------------
Me and my mum were walking around getting everything I needed while dad and Cedric were getting everything Cedric needed but when we went our separte ways mum dad and Cedric were all smiling like they were up to something. "Mum can we go get my wand now? Please." I asked "Yes I supppose. But we have to go meet your dad and Cedric at the Leaky Couldron in after" My mum just said smiling. "Okay!" I said and starting walking to the only best place to go get a wand from Ollivanders. When I got there I walked in and saw a whole bunch of red heads in there making it crowded in the small shop. My mum walked in shortly after me and like the whole family turned around and looked at us and the parents smiled at my mum. "Ah its great to see you again Amanda." said the father. "Like wise Author you too Molly....look how big your kids have gotten." Mum said shocked at the last part. "And look how big Isabella got I remember the first time seeing her." Molly said with a smile. "I know it's amazing how fast they growup. She is starting her first year at Hogwarts this year got her letter this morning and we got everything for her just need her wand now." Mum said."It's going to be Fred and George's first year too also got their letter this morning." Molly said. While they just kept talking about both of our families I walked to the counter to get my wand. When I got my wand I found it was six inches oak with unicorn hair. So I walked back to my mum and found out that they are coming with us to the Leaky Couldron. So we all walked to the Leaky Couldron and I started talking to some of the kids they have I believe their name is Fred George Ron and Ginny. It seems like I will get along just perfectly with Fred George and Ginny and I get alng with Ron too but we will fight sometimes ut I will not get along with Percy at all. When we got to the Leaky Couldron we all greeted my dad and Cedric. Cedric and dad suprised me when they said that they have a suprise for me and they moved to the side and I saw a beautiful owl in a cage on the table. They said it was an early birthday present for me I hugged them and decided to name my owl Paige I don't know but I just did I like the name also. When I turned around to have my back facing Paige thats when I realised that Fred and George was just staring at me. When they notice that I caught them looking at me they were blushing and turned the other way. We all ate and just countinue to talk and everything. I can tell that this year is going to be good and lots of fun I can't wait to go t Hogwarts and get there for sure!

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