Everybody's Fools (Jacob Black)

Everybody's Fools (Jacob Black)

Hey guys! So, I felt like writing another story, so I did! Hope you like it! Comments are always appreciated :D'

Chapter 1

His Eyes Just Melt

"Hey kiddo!" My dad called as he rushed over to greet me.

"Hi Daddy." I smiled up at him.

"Good to have you back." he said, and kissed the top of my head. I grinned, and we walked out of the airport to his old, run down sedan. "How was Italy?" Dad asked, starting up the car and buckling his seatbelt.

"It was like you could never believe. It was so beautiful, escpecially this place Volterra. It looked like it was stuck back in time." I told him, closing my eyes and visualing the old city. The way the stone seemed to glisten in the sun, and the way the people seemed just as old as the city.

"Were you thinking about going back after the summer?" Dad asked, hesitation in his voice.

"I'm not sure. It's a great school, and it's programs are amazing, but I miss my family so much while I'm gone." I told him, and flashed a smile. He smiled back.

"Well, we missed you too. How about we hit the fields when we get home?" he asked. Dad was a minor league baseball player.

"Will Bella be with us?" I asked. I hadn't seen her in so long.

"She's off on her own now, kiddo. Married." Dad said.

"Married? Will I get to see her?" I asked, shocked. Bella was never into the whole marrige thing.

"Maybe we could ship you out there for a couple of weeks, as long as you don't talk them to death." Dad said, chuckling. I punched his arm, and he just started laughing even more. I giggled a little as I looked out the window and watched the blue sky extend till as far as I could see.

"Ellie! It's so nice to have you back." Renee greeted when we got out of the car. My dad grabbed my two suitcases and brought them to my room, while I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder so I could hug Renee.

"It's nice to be back, Renee. Escpecially with your cooking." I joked, smiling. She shoved me a little bit, but laughed. We walked inside the little yellow house, and I walked up to my room, dropping my bag on the bed.I opened my duffle and changed into some clothes for the humid, sunny weather of Jacksonville.


"C'mon Ellie. Wasting daylight up there!" Dad shouted up. I pulled my hat on, and slipped on my sunglasses, and ran down the stairs, my cleats clicking against the hard wood surface. I finished the last step and Renee tossed me a water bottle. I ran out the open front door to catch up with Dad, who was already heading down the street. I grabbed my mitt from the garage, and then chased him down the street.

"C'mon girl. I know you can hit harder than that." Dad taunted, getting ready to pitch his next ball. I bent my knees a little more and took a deep breath, twisting the bat around in my hands. He threw his pitch, right down the middle of the strike zone, and I took my chance, slamming the ball way out over second bas, and into the football fields. Dad looked at me, his mouth wide open, his eyes smiling. I ran to him and gave him a hug.

"You have to go get that." he whispered in my ear, and then let go. I glared at him for a second, but then started off in the direction of the football fields. My hat was off, and my hair in it's ponytail swished from side to side as I jogged over the field.

"You hit that?" a guy asked, holding up my baseball.

"Um, yeah." I said, catching the ball when he tossed it.

"I told you man! And you thought it was the guy." the other guy with him pushed.

"Yeah yeah whatever." the older one said. "What's your name?"

"Janelle. Well, Ellie." I told him, tossing the ball back and forth between my hands.

"I'm Eric, and this is Josh." the older one, Eric said.

"Nice to meet you guys, but I have to go." I told them, and took a step back.

"See you around I guess." Josh replied, tossing the football the Eric. I took that as my signal to leave, and I ran back to my dad, who was waiting for me so we could walk back.

The sun was just beginning to set over the ocean, and I couldn't wait to be able to be in the water again. I could already feel the warm water encasing me, and the lull of the waves wasing up against my bare skin.

"So did you want to go see Bella?" Dad asked as we walked in the front door.

"Well good. Because I just got off the phone with her, and your set!" Renee finished for Dad, walking out of the kitchen with the phone in hand.

"Really? I'm going to Washington?" I asked, smiling.

"We got you a plane ticket and everything. Your flight leaves tomorrow at 5, so you'll be getting there kind of late. But Bella know's your coming, and you'll get to stay with her for three weeks!" Renee informed me.

"That's so awesome! I feel like I haven't seen her in forever." I told them, and gave them each a hug. "I guess I dont really need to unpack then." I said, and they both just chuckled.

I walked up the stairs to my room, and sat down on my bed, thinking about it.
Would she be different? Or would she be the same out Bella everyone loved? I wasn't sure, but there was something I needed to talk to her about.


"Wake up sleepy head!" Renee called, shaking me. I rubbed my eyes and started hitting her arm.

"Where's the off button...." I mumbled, barely audible.

"Oh c'mon. I made breakfast!" she shouted, excited.

"Um, it's okay, I'm not really hungry." I told her, sitting up.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll love it!" she squealed, turning around and walking out the door. I just stared after her for a minute, and then got up and followed her down the stairs.

"It actually smells good." I said outloud, walking into the kitchen. I walked in, and there was a plate of pancakes, one of eggs, and one of bacon. "Oh my god. Bella will never believe this." I told them, grabbing a plate.

"Well, your dad did help me a little bit." Renee said, laughing. I just let loose a breath, but then began dishing up.


"Now landing in Seattle, Washington" the overcome jeered. I looked out the window and watched as we got closer and closer to the airport. I pulled out one of my earbuds, and then turned off my iPod all together. I shoved it in my carry on bag, and then waited till I could get off.

My eyelids dragged as I walked to baggage claim. It was getting close to eleven, and the airport wasn't very busy. I looked around to see if Bella was here, but there was a man in a suit holding a board with my name on it.

"Miss Dwyer?" He asked as I came closer.

"That's me." I told him sweetly, flashing a quick smile.

"Right this way." he said, and led me out to the parking lot. He took my bags for me and put them in the back, and I stepped into the leather interior of the Cadillac. The driver got in and started the engine with a soft purr. I leaned my head back, and let myself fall asleep.

"Miss Dwyer, we are here." the man said quietly, holding open the door for me.

"Thank you... Jack." I said, looking at his name tag. He smiled slightly, and handed me my bags. I looked up at the giant house in front of me while Jack got back in the car, and silently disappeared down the driveway. I took a breath and walked up to the front door. Before I could make it up the steps, the door burst open and Bella came running out.

"Ellie!" She shouted, wrapping her arms around me.

"Bella!" I shouted back, embracing her. Her skin touched mine, and I shivered. Something about it seemed familiar.

"C'mon in! You've had a long night." she said, pulling me by the hand. I nodded and followed her in. I hadn't noticed a man come out and pick up my bags, following us in and then disappearing up the stairs. "Ellie, this is my husband Edward and his family, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett, who is coming down the stairs. Oh, and this is E.J." she said, picking up a little boy who came running to her.

"It's very nice to finally meet you." Edward said, shaking my hand. All of them looked the same, pale, cold skin, perfect complexion, graceful moves. All of it seemed so familiar. Edward became a little rigid, and let go of my hand, moving to stand besides Bella.

"Well your probably very tired. I'll show you to your room." The shorter one, Alice said. I nodded and follwed her to the stairs. As we walked, I looked around the room, and my eyes landed on three every tan people sitting in the corner. Just before I made it up the stairs, my eyes linked with the tallest one. His eyes seem to melt. I took a deep breath and shook my head, and continued following Alice up the stairs.

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