Missing Sisters???

Missing Sisters???

This is a new group story between lillianaathena and rachelrox201. We have put a lot of planing behind this story, and hope you guys like it.

Chapter 3

School- Lilliana's POV

Aimee looked identical to me. It's strange. We're in choir together. At our concert, our parents recognized each other. It was strange, I mean, I've never seen my dad want to get out of a room quicker. Aimee's mom looked kind of the same way.

"Hello Chris, I hope Luke and Lilliana are well." Aimee's mom said.

"Lilliana is great, and Luke is in collage now Krista." My father said. Aimee and I looked at each other, and backed away from our parents. Cale and Kyle were there to meet us.

"Hey Lil, hey Aimee. Whats up?" Cale said.

"Something strange with our parents, lets get out of here." I said. Just because I'm smart, and like to play the good girl, does NOT mean that I am.

I never saw any one look so strangely at me. Cale grabbed my arm, and Kyle grabbed Aimee's. We live in a small town in Arizona, and our school is made up with kids from six different towns. We could get away with anything, such as driving when we were way underage. Remember we just turned 14. We went to the only real teen hang out, the abandoned factory, where there was a huge party. Cale and I danced and Kyle and Aimee danced. It wasn't really anything.

Kyle drove Aimee home, and Cale drove me home. Cale kissed me before he walked me up to my front door. It was sweet. I was defiantly in love.

Ok, I know this was short, but it's Christmas Eve, and I'm falling asleep. Hope you guys like it though, now back to Rachel. Rachel, take it away!

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