Missing Sisters???

Missing Sisters???

This is a new group story between lillianaathena and rachelrox201. We have put a lot of planing behind this story, and hope you guys like it.

Chapter 12

Release, Depression, and Revenge (Aimee)

by: abaddon
When Lil got released from the hospital, I called Kyle to help me with a party for her, but of course, he was busy. He's been really busy lately. I need to check it out.I'm not a stalker, though. I have a right to know when I'm getting cheated on. But, anyway, I just called Luke and said that he better come home right then for Lil or I'd find him and shoot him with my rifle. He takes me seriously, so he said he'd come. He showed up right before Lil and Dad came, and I hugged him, and so did Diana.

Right before Lilliana could walk in, Cale ran up to her and said something to her. When she came in she was upset, but I didn't know that, so I ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

That night, I heard Lil crying. I walked over to her, and asked her what was wrong.
"Cale broke up with me," she said.
"Good. Now I can kill two birds with one stone," and I walked away.

I texted Hannah and Katie and told them to come over immediately, and to bring their stuff. They would know what I meant. They did, of course. "Cale broke up with Lil, and I think Kyle is cheating on me. Got your hats?" I asked them. They said yes, and put on their black beanie hats. Katie takes out her rope, and a grappling hook (don't ask where she got that.) and walks over to Cale's bedroom window, where she throws the hook into the windowsill, tugs on it a bit, and climbs the rope.The window's unlocked apparently, so she opens it, and when she is about to come in, she beckons for us to follow.

I was going to go through the front door, because I took a spare key from them once(I do this to everybody, just in case I ever need to gain access.), but the window works too. I climb up into the window, and take out my Sharpie and whipped cream, and I draw a moustache on his face in the Sharpie and cover the rest of his face and hands in the whipped cream. Hannah comes up behind me and snaps a pic. She then opens up Facebook, uploads the picture, and tags Cale Jameson. I walk over to the window, pull out the grappling hook, close it, and walk downstairs. Before I left, I took some cookies. Hey, a girl needs to eat!

The three of us grab our bikes and ride over to Kyle's house. I open the door, and walk over to his bedroom, where I look through his phone. He has texts from Cale, who is plugged in as Cale is Hott, by the way, saying 'Hey babe. When are we going on our date?' and things like that. I almost laugh at him, but I'd probably get in trouble with the fuzz again. If you didn't know, Kyle's dad is a cop. Instead, I take the whipped cream from my bag, give Hannah a mischievous look because she was looking at me funny, and 'I write I'm breaking up with you' in the whipped cream on the floor. And we leave and all go home. Honestly, the three of us should do this more often.


That was fun. XD Back to Lil...

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