I'm Quitting

Chapter 1


I'm quitting my photo album. i have too many photos (42 pages). People don't look at them. they are only there for my profile pics and because i like them. i won't be deleting any photos. (you think i spend all that time uploading i'm gonna delete them?) i just won't be uploading any more on this account. please feel free to check out my photo album anytime you like and comment:) your comments will be answered and are appreciated. for those of you i talk to (RebbieLynne, Musiclover1234, Nubilis, Zehneravery, MrsMalfoyRiddler, Rebeccaauquamarine, cold_coffee, AndyZerpy, PotterFan24, Chrissy_rawr) wish to see or request a photo of, for example, my art, me, or a person, i will gladly upload it for u on my other account:) (not limited to the names above) if you don't know my other account the link is on my profile or search

thnx hope you will check out my photo album. i uploaded my last pictures


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