A Different Kind of STORY CONTEST!!!!!!!

Read for details below.....

Chapter 1

Info for Story Contest

Hey everyone!
Alright, so here is how this contest is gonna be:
You will be scored on the following criteria:

1. Grammar
2. Writing Skills
3. How Interesting Your Story Is

Spelling DOES NOT COUNT (although it would make it a lot easier to understand!)

If you want to participate as a contestant:

Leave a comment down below saying so. I will then send you a group story invite for THIS STORY and you will write your story in the next chapter available. You're chapters are NOT of the same story! You are just writing your short story in the next "Chapter". You will have app. 1 day to finish the story before I go on to the next person. If you could not write your story in that amount of time, let me know in a private message (please title it something like TO: ELENA or else I might not open it :/) and I will send you another invite as soon as possible!!!!!!!

If you want to be a voter:

GREAT!!!!! I will send out the story to everyone EVERY TIME an author writes another short story and at the end of the contest, which expires JANUARY 1ST unless something comes up, I will send it out to my friends one last time for you all to decide which is best! When you make up your mind, send me a private message titled: TO: ELENA and tell me which you like best :)


Send me a Private Message!!!!!!!! Title it: TO:ELENA



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