One Shot Stuff :3

One Shot Stuff :3

If you want one, send me a message titled

"One Shot Info"

and in it should be something like this

Fandom: Glee/Youtube/Starkid/Harry Potter.... (and so on and so forth)
Name: Marti Hamerle
Age: 23
Appearance: Thick brown hair, hazel eyes
Personality: Sweet, funny, insecure, laid back
Love Interest: Jason Munday

Chapter 1

You Are The One-Skyway Flyer/Jason Munday

Don't close your eyes, you'll fall asleep
I feel your body close to me
The time is right, the lights go out
And now I know without a doubt

"Jason!" Marti Hamerle screams as her best friend Jason Munday pours a bucket of freezing water over her head. It's summer of course, and the two are at Marti's house out in the country. Jason grins, tossing the bucket aside. "Is it cold? I bet it feels nice." Jason teases, as Marti turns around, scowling. Her scowl breaks into a smile though, and she reaches for the hose next to her. Before Jason has time to react, Marti sprays his Skyway Flyer shirt, and he yelps in surprise as Marti sprays him until he is soaked.

"Having fun yet?" Marti teases, turning the water down until it drips a little. "You are soooo going to get it Jigglypuff." Jason grins evilly and the two run around the yard, sometimes hitting each other with water.

That you are the one
I have been waiting for
And you are the one
Don't wanna wait anymore
You are the one

"Jasonnnnnn." Marti whines after their third movie. "Martiiiiiiiii." Jason mimics, grinning. "Bleh. Now what?" Marti shoves herself in Jason's lap, and squirms a bit before raising an eyebrow. Jason lifts her over his shoulder and stands up, staggering before standing straight and walking to her room. "You can go to bed. I'm sleeping in your guest room." Jason sticks his tongue out as Marti flops on the bed and scowls.

Marti wakes up an hour later, screaming. She's drenched in sweat,her hair is a mess, and she's panting hard. Jason stumbles blindly into her room, using a flashlight as a sword. "I....heard....screaming..." He blinks drowsily, turning on the lamp. "Sorry. Bad dream." Marti yawns, as Jason slides under the sheets. "Well, I'll just have to stay the night in here, now won't I?" Jason grins, turning out the light and pulling Marti close to him. He's out like a light, soft snores sounding from his mouth. Marti blushes hard for a second before snuggling closer to him.

It's you and me in harmony
I like at you and forget to breathe
You know I'll give you all I've got
The music's loud, we’ll never stop

"Great show!" Marti grins as the two get in the back of their friend Luke's Ford Explorer. "Aw shucks Mar." Jason blushes, waving a hand.
Luke and Kristina are purposely taking a long time. Their two friends have belonged together since they met at LeakyCon four years ago. They smile as Jason tells Marti something that makes her toss her head back and laugh, her brown hair shaking behind her like rain.

Marti laughs, and looks at Jason. Neither of them remember who leaned in first, nor do they want to. They just remember their lips crashed together, and when their lips leave each other, Marti has found herself in Jason's lap, her nose and forehead touching Jason's. They both laugh before leaning in for another kiss.

It doesn't matter that they're in the back of a car, and both of them are sweaty.

It's perfect.

You are the one
I have been waiting for
And you are the one
Don't wanna wait anymore
You are the one

Lyrics from You Are The One By Jason Munday/Skyway Flyer

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