What would you do if you fell in love with your best friend? (A Harry Potter story)

the main song for the story is: What You Mean To Me by Christopher Wilde from Starstruck

Chapter 1

info and mostly a intro I guess

Name:Isabella Diggory
Hair color:brown
Eye color:brown but changes depending on the light
Family:Diggory's (adopted)
Year:same as Fred and George
body type:athletic but has curves
Personality:ninja like quiet when up to something which is like always always pranking someone very smart the smartest one in her year even though I'm adopted I'm still daddy's little girl and Cedric is very protective over me I'm also athletic and can beat like every guy in every sport and beat them up if needed I'm in Gryffindor plays quidditch as a chaser doesnt know her blood type buts been told she is a full blood witch

-----------at home------------
I'm Isabella Diggory I look nothing like the Diggory's. Why? Thats easy its because I am adopted but I am still daddy's little girl and Cedric is still over protecitve of me. I do not know who my real parents are but I hope to find out sometime soon. Cedric is like my best friend and my older brother at the same time we can tell each other everything. Cedric is only a year older then me so he is going to be a year two at Hogwarts. And I will be a year one I have already got my letter and my supples for school. I am really exicted about going. Anyways I'm best friends with Weasley twins and Ginny Weasley. I get along best with them out of the Weasley kids and we are getting ready to head to with Weasley's burrow as soon as me and Cedric is ready. I walked down the stairs and saw that both my daddy and Cedric were already downstiars waiting on me. "Ready pumpkin?" my daddy asked me. "Yes daddy." I replied and we were off to the Weasley's.When we got there the twins and Ginny all ran towards me and hugged me. "Bells! have you got your letter yet?" the twins asked me at the same time exitedly. "Yes I have I even got my school supplies already." I said smiling. Me and the twins started talking about what all is going to happen at Hogwarts since all three of us are going to be there we just knew everyone is going to know who we are because of the pranks we will be pulling. Every now and then Iwould get lost in my thoughts but not about the pranks or Hogwarts but about George, everyone seem to know I like him but him himself. And everyone keeps telling me he likes me too but I don't believe it.

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