The Other Side of Percy Jackson ~A Percy Jackson Fan Ficton~

Sorry for the lame title; no good names for us yet. This is a Group-Story with me (TheGirlFromDistrict11), Lady_Cardianesthesia, and Loves_Cale_and_Draco.

Loves_Cale_and_Draco is Liliana Athena Poseidon Rece and I am Deirdre Jones. Lady_Cardianesthesia is Anastastia.

Chapter 1

Deirdre's POV

by: CherryTop
It was a warm day in Long Island Sound, New York. I squinted, trying to see where I was supposed to be dropped off. My mother had just told me some very... interesting news.

So, she told me I was a half-blood, meaning one of my parents (in this case my father) was an Olympian Greek God. Sounds awesome, right? It should be, but these creepy-looking and bad-smelling monsters just seem to want to try to kill you 24/7.

My father is Hades, God of the Underworld. Seems so weird to think that my dad has this palace underneath where I stand every single say.

The taxi slowed to a stop in front of a sign that said "3.14 Farm Road." I wondered if they liked math...

"Hey kid, where's my tip?" the guy driving the cab asked. He held out a big, beefy hand as a sign to give him his tip.

"Oh, right. Um..." I dug around in my pockets for a minute. "Here ya go!" I handed him two twenty dollar bills.

He rolled up his window, popped open the trunk, and gave me just enough time to get my large and overweight suitcase. As he drove away, his tires squealed on the asphalt, giving the smell of burnt rubber.

I hauled my suitcase up to the large hill that has a pine tree. There was a dragon guarding the tree, his large tail curled around the trunk. I wiped my eyes and yes, the dragon was still there. I cautiously tried to tiptoe past the sleeping beast without wakening him, but it wasn't easy with a 50 pound suitcase.

I'm sure I looked like an idiot.

Luckily I saw a man in wheelchair rolling himself up the hill to where I was standing. He had a brown, scraggly beard and friendly brown eyes. "You must be Deirdre Jones," he said, extending his hand, "I'm Chiron. Please, follow me."

He headed back down the hill towards the big white house. I saw a girl with sandy blonde hair and sea-green eyes and a tanned complexion standing on the porch. She was talking to a man in a leopard-print Hawaiian shirt with purple running shorts.

"Ah yes, that is Mr. D," Chiron told me as we neared the big white house. "He runs this camp."

I nodded and he led me past them into the house. The girl smiled at me and I smiled back, although I am not the greatest people-person.

"So, Deirdre," he said once he locked all the doors, "what did your mom tell you about this Camp?"

"Um, she told me my father was Hades, and that it was very difficult sending me here, but that I would be safe. And she said that I could train to fight against the monsters that would try and find me, and that I'd only be here during the summer."

Chiron nodded and motioned for me to follow him. There was a large screen and a big, plush chair. He told me to sit down and I did, and then he turned on a film.

He wheeled himself out of the room as the words CAMP HALF-BLOOD ORIENTATION FILM came on the screen. This male voice that made me want to fall asleep started showing me around the camp, and told me specifics about the Gods and how to tell if I was a half-blood.

He said ADHD and dyslexia are two of the signs, both of which I have. I could hardly concentrate on the film itself, since it's in black and white. The male voice said half-bloods have dyslexia because our brains are just trained to read Ancient Greek. "Huh," I said as the male voice told me this.

Then it told me that Chiron was a centaur. I almost fell out of the chair. That older guy in the wheelchair, a half-horse man? Nuh-uh. Bu then the male guy said his chair compacted his lower half, so you could only see his human top. Then it said, "WELCOME TO CAMP HALF-BLOOD, WHERE YOU TRAIN FOR THE REAL WORLD. TRY NOT TO DIE." Then it shut off.

"Nice words of encouragement," I muttered, standing from the big chair. Chiron came in in full centaur form. His horse-half was white, and he was holding a bow in his hands.

"So... you're a centaur?"

"Yes," he replied, "I'm the more... civilized of my kin, so to speak." Then he said, "Lilliana, come here!"

The girl standing on the porch earlier walked into the room. Her tan looked even darker up close. 'Hopefully she doesn't have skin cancer,' I thought.

"If you could, as our senior camper, can you please show Deirdre the camp, and where she will be sleeping?" Chiron asked, putting a hand on her arm.

"Of course, Chiron," she replied. She extended her hand out to me. "Hi, I'm Lilliana Athena Poseidon Rece, but you can call me Lilliana."

I cautiously shook her hand. She was one happy camper!

"I'm Deirdre," I said.

"I know who you are, of course!" she laughed, her sea-green eyes sparkling.

"Oh. Right. So, who's your parent?" I asked. Chiron had long since left the room.

"My father is Poseidon. It's pretty cool." Then she sighed and looked at me. "Anyways, we should go. Chiron doesn't like us being in here for too long." She led me outside and onto a volleyball pit, where some goat people and some teenagers were playing. They waved at me and Lilliana and I waved back.

"Everyone here is so nice," she beamed, "except for the Ares cabin." I nodded and smiled.

"This isn't so bad," I thought, "I could get used to it here!"

Well, that's my first chapter. Hope ya liked, and hope you like Lilliana's chapter :) Ciao!

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