Roses in the Waves (Hunger Games)

Marti Rose's life is based off of luck.But,her family is dead.She lives with the Hawthornes.She can hunt with a bow and arrow,and is best friends with Katniss and Gale.She's also 19.I'm really sorry if i don't put you in,here.Please don't hate me!But,i did change some of you up abit,because i couldn't remember all the profile info.But,hey at least your in the story right?Yeah...

Chapter 1

Marti Rose.

"The girl hunger games tribute,is Marti Rose!"Effie Trinkets stupid voice,filled my dreams.I woke up screaming.Gale came in
"What's wrong?"He asked.
"Nothing.Nothing."I said.But it wasn't true.I was scared out of my mind.I didn't want to get picked for the hunger games.But in a couple hours,i would have to go to the reaping.Gale layed out the dress i was going to wear,and kissed my forehead.Gale and I were dating.We have been for a couple years.I had been living with him since my mom and dad died when i was 10.He was 10 too.And we had had a great relationship.Katniss was my best girl-friend.She taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow.But anyways,i got ready,and looked at the clock.It was time.Gale took my hand,and we walked to our places.I watched on the screen.District,from District.
Endura Rose and Keegan Clark.
Charlotte Iverson and Ceir Johnson.
Cecilia Sabol and Brenden Yeller.
Skylar Meadows and Jonah Hilker.
GraceAnne Strokes and Hender Larson
Angroa Greyson and Andy Greyson
Chrissa Lynn and Gramner Durles.
Evangelin Mockridge and Luke Carner.
Gemma Jones and Charles Wisener.
Linanne Runrose and Aidan Tripud.
Carmon Sparks and Cameron Numher.
And last but not least,ours.Effie came up to the podium.
"Peeta Mellark,as our boy tribute."She said,after awhile.
"And..Ah!Miss Marti Rose!"She said.Everyones eyes were on me,as i walked up onto the stage,Gale screaming,and trying to get to me.I was crying silently.
Peeta and I introduced ourselves,and we got on the train.Gale burst in,and kissed me.
"Please,don't go."He said.He was crying.Gale who never cries,was crying.
"I have to.Gale,we can't be together."I whispered.
"No!Marti,no.Your going to live!Just try!"He said.
"There's twenty four of us,gale.Only one comes out.I'm not going to make it."I said.
"No!Marti Lily Rose,belive in yourself for godsake.For my sake,just try,and if you life,we can run away.Spend the rest of our lives together.Just.Try."His eyes pleaded.
"Fine.Gale,i'll try.Because of you and katniss.And,i'm just telling you now...If peeta and I..have to be a kiss...Just know it's all fake.Please,remember it's fake."I said,and cupped his face in my hands.
"I will.And i'll be waiting right at the train stop for you.I'll wait for you."He said.I kissed him.I would miss him,so much.Gale,who stood up for me.Gale who loved me.For all of eternity.And i the same.
"Don't get too messed up in the capitol."He said.Katniss came in.
"And,may the odds-"She started,smiling.She handed us berries and we all threw them up at the same time.
"-Forever be in your favor."We all said together.I hugged them one last time.
"Katniss,remind gale,that if the capitol pairs Peeta and I up,it's all for publicity.I love him with all my heart.And when he's ready,give him this."I whispered while hugging her,and slipped a mini box in her hand.She let go,and they stepped off the train.
"Love you guys."I said.They put three fingers to their lips and blew a kiss to me.I smiled.That was Katniss's thing.She had done it before.They had both trained me,incase one of us did get picked one day.I knew archery.How to skin an animal.Swimming,knowing which berries were poisonus,and which weren't.Physical body fights,i had tought myself.Katniss had told us,when we split seperate ways,hunting,to sing to the birds a certain tune,and we would know someone's in trouble.They taught me everything they knew.And i did the same to them.The doors closed,and i went back to my room.I kept my locket,a photo of Gale,Katniss and I all together,on my heart.When i sat down,something poked my butt.I stood up,and pulled a mockingjay pin out of my backpocket.Madge.She had given it to Katniss,to give to me.As a piece of her.I put the pin on my shirt.Me and Katniss,were like twins.We both loved mockingjays.We had matching pins.Madge,had two.So,she gave both of them to us.I missed them already.I started thinking about my stylist.Every year they had these stupid outfits made for the contestents.Since,i had a mockingjay pin,would they find some way to fit me into a mockingjay thing?Make that my symbol?I sure hope not.They will probably be smarter than that.I just hope it's not embarresing.
But this is only the begining.

Did ya like it?As a start?I'm sorry for who i didn't add,but you'll most likely come in later.Comment,please!

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