To Think It All Started With "Hello."A Harry Potter Love Story"

Chapter 1

Character List

my characters:(ILuvharrypotterHP)
Name:Mikayla Anne Corner
Appearance:Dirty blonde hair,blue eyes,bangs to her right
Family:Micheal Corner,and her two younger brothers,Jamie and Luke.Mom,Dad.
Crush/BF/Gf:George Weasley
Play Quidditch?Position?:Chaser
Can Be Found:Hanging around with her brothers or the golden trio,practicing quidditch,or pranking with the Weasley Twins.
Fave Class:Defence Against the Dark Arts
Friends:About anyone but Slytherins,exept her Slytherin friend.
Other:She loves to sing,draw,play the drums,guitar,play quidditch,sadly,her brother,Jamie,is deaf.but Jamie can still talk,but to communicate,he reads lips.

Extra: Kay uses a spell to make her sound and look like a boy,no one knows exept her brothers and Harry Potter.She diguises as a boy because she gets along better with boys.

What Kay looks like in Boy version:
(yes,even the glasses,the glasses are real,she can still look through them,sadly,when she's a boy,she needs the glasses to see,if she's not a boy,she doesn't need the glasses.Her boy name is Johnny.)

Name:Rasmus Lovegood
Appearance:Black hair,blue eyes,pale face,cute.
Family:Luna,his dad.
Crush/BF/Gf:crush:Mikayla Corner.
Play Quidditch?Position?:chaser
Can Be Found:talkinfg with his sister,hanging with his friends
Fave Class:DADA
Friends:his best friend is Kay,about everyone is his friend,he's nice to everone,but speaks up to someone when needed
Other:Has an heavenly voice when he talks and sings.

Pic of Rasmus:

Name:Jayden Hicks
Appearance:Dark brown hair,bangs to his left,Brown eyes,hot,muscular
Family:Mom,Dad,younger bro named Aidan
Play Quidditch?Position?:announcer
Fave Class:DADA
Friends:About everyone
Other: Has a pet Owl named Hawkeye

Dobby_Is_MY_Hero's character:
Name: Phyonix Everbright
Age/Year: 15/5th
House: Ravenclaw
Appearance: Long black hair black/purple eyes tall lanky
Personality: shy bookish loner
Family: all died in the 1st war
Crush: Hermione
Play Quidditch: No
Can Be Found: by the lake with a book all alone
Fave Class: DADA Potions
Friends: Just Harry
Other: has a birthmark of a phoenix on his collar bone/breast which is how he got his name

DamienMcGintysGal's character(s):
Name: Katherine Rogers
Age/Year: 11/1st
House: Slytherin!
Appearance: White hair (not blonde, white) that goes to just below shoulder blades with swoopy bangs, pale clear skin, BIG green eyes, short and slender (4’7), likes to wear blousy shirts, short shorts and skirts, dresses, high-heels, boots, etc. when not in wizard robes.
Personality: Sweet and loyal, not very bright when it comes to basic things, deadly when faced in combat, popular, cunning when she needs to be.
Family: Older brother who hates her because he is in Gryffindor, rich Nana, parents are both gone (they are death-eaters, but she does not know this)
Crush: Draco Malfoy
Play Quidditch?Position?: Hell yeah! Centre chaser
Can Be Found: Everywhere! Usually around Draco, playing Quidditch, or gossiping in the common room.
Fave Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Quidditch.
Friends: Everyone! Except Harry Potter she hates him to NO end.
Other: Loves to sing, and is an amazing dueler. Pure-blood

Name: Griffin Dominic
Age/Year: 11/1st
House: Slytherin
Appearance: Shaggy blonde hair, big brown eyes, tan, tall (5’6), lean but strong.
Personality: Kind, but can be evil when he needs too, cunning.
Family: Mum, dad, only child
Crush: Katherine Rogers
Play Quidditch?Position?: Keeper
Can Be Found: In common room, wih Katheirne, or practicing Quidditch.
Fave Class: Quidditch and Transfiguration.
Friends: Draco, Katherine, Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini
Other: Pure-blood.

PotterFan24's character
Name:Christy Suthers
Apperance: Long reddish-brown hair, Green eyes, 5 feet and thin, but can punch hard
Personality:Intelligent, shy at first, then insane, sarcastic and protective
Family:Mom, Dad and Twin sister, Jess,(Slytherin)
Crush: Neville Longbottem
Play Quidditch? Too accident prone to be trusted on a broom
Can be found: In the least expected place possible with her nose in a book
Fave Class: Charms and Transfiguration
Friends: Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Sort of Harry and Ron
Other:Loves acting, singing would love dancing, but she can't walk in a straight line let alone dance, is very dramatic, but can keep a cool head when needed.

ActiveBird's character:
Name: Areen Springlinne Thom
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen Years of age
House: Slytherin (Though feels misguided and has hoped to be placed in Ravenclaw since attending such wizarding academy)
Appearance: Slender, extremely wavy short brunette hair only feel inches long, five six foot tall, english, often to appear clumpsy and somewhat in 'know it all' though not on sport topics.
Personality: Clumpsy, highly intelligent, kind, much colorful.. (Zodiac Sign; Libra)
Family: British and German, generally lives in Germany if not attending wizarding academy, nonexistment mother who was German and also a witch and died while being on a humans hunting spree located in thee woods, father is only British, but lives in Germany in order to keep his former wifes memory alive, is not wizard breed, elf, etc.
Dating Mate: Areen has fear to date, if doing so she will no longer be and appear strong and independent. Although secretly fancies George Weasley
Suggestion: At thee end of thee story, her last year of wizarding school she is discovered deceased in thee woods as threat and had been eaten died alive by dangerous wolf of whom have ability to transform human as well. She becomes a ghost who haunts thee wizarding academy while also constantly watching every step of move her long time crush George Weasley in his daily life. He laters acknowledges this and tries to set her free before her twenty fifth birthday, which is main day she will spend her entire souling life in wizarding academy if not being helped to escape such academy and into a life where she hopes to be; near her father watching fore his safety. Not mentioning fact, when being eaten alive, someone alongside attending wizarding academy directs an horrid spell onto Areen. This evil person to direct such a spell is undercover as a kind and helpful person although is truly one of half dark blooded in seeking revenge

OnlyGold's character:
Name: Itano Ayaka (Ayaka is her first name, the Japanese write their last names first.)
Age/Year: Fourth year, almost 15 years old.
House: Ravenclaw.
Appearance: Wears lightly rimmed glasses over eyes that defy Asian stereotypes with their incredible width and definite double eyelid. Her dark, glossy hair is cut just to her shoulders, though it has been shorter. Itano parts her straight bangs on the side so they separate.
At 5’3”, almost stretching to 5’4”, Itano is several inches above the average height of a Japanese woman. Her body is slender, prenaturally disposed towards a thin build. Her limbs are thin as well, accorded to her figure.
Personality: Her mindset can be described as “closed doors with shadowy rooms behind them”. Itano is a silent and enigmatic type. She has an obsession with gaining new knowledge, but breaks rules whenever possible (quietly, and surreptitiously).
Family: Itano's mother is a Muggle gyaru (gal) who dropped out of high school to work in a hostess club. She became pregnant from an depressed older man, who frequented the Tokyo club. (Her father is a Squib, and is understandably bitter.)
Crush/BF/Gf: Not the type who dates. But this may make her a challenge for one of the guy characters.... Therefore we could end up with something in the nature of romantic, should you choose to prominently include her.
Play Quidditch? Position?: Ravenclaw seeker. Her build is quick and flexible, so she is well suited to the Captain.
Can Be Found: Locked in her dorm room, playing the tenori-on or practicing her English (she still has a slightly broken accent). She can also be found in the library, obsessively gaining knowledge, or on the Quidditch pitch. Itano is an utter insomniac who enjoys having too much to do.
Fave Class: She excels at the most difficult of classes, especially Transfiguration and Runes.
Friends: She has rather a lack of close relationships, as she finds it difficult to trust or like anyone. There are a choice few that she respects, but would never deem to describe them as her friends. Typically when someone tries to strike up a friendly conversation, she cold shoulders them.
Other: For a visual of her, please use the link.

7Things' character:
Name Lucas Avery Alkin
Age/Year- 12/ 1st
House- Ravenclaw
Personality- rebelloius, athletic, clever, flirtatios, popular, funny, loud
Appearance- shaggy blonde hair, sea blue eyes, tall, attrative
Best friend- cho and ravenclaws, cedric, draco, kay
Gf/crush- cho then hermione
Family- Elliot Alkin ( lil bro), mom , dad
Can be found- talking to girls...
Quiditch - beater
Fav class-potions

Brehot's Character:
Name: Adrian Doyle
Age/Year: Fred and George
House: Slytherin
Appearance: black hair, tan, bright blue eyes, 6', musculer,
Personality: funny, loves playing pranks especially on the twins, loud, not afraid to put you in the place he thinks you belong in, can be mean
Family: ran away, but stays in contact with his little sister Isabelle, he would do anything for her.
Crush/BF/Gf: doesn't have one, loves to flirt
Play Quidditch?Position?: keeper
Can Be Found: playing a prank or flirting with girls
Fave Class: DADA and tranfiguration
Friends: fred and george, lee, and some guys in slytherin
Other: thinks draco is a crybaby and a good for nothing d^ck

Bellweather's character(s):
Name: Phoenix Merrywell
Age/Year: what ever year harry and the others in,
House: Gryffindor (i hope i spelt that right...)
Appearance: Dark brunett almost knee length hair with a purple streak, dark lavender eyes
Personality: She's got two sides of her, and mostly be found as someone who will track down and take out bad guys in her future. She is the least bit elegant, and verry flexible, and loves to fight, but will not unless she is challenged, or some one is being a biitch...she always carries a sword secreatly on her, is relly brave and smart, last person to die if there is ever a battle
Family: Parents died, lives with an aunt, who is unawhere of what a 'witch' is, and thinks she is only going to a priveat school, has no clue about wichcraft in her family, but actually her parents were high up in the magic world, but no one would ever tell her about it, but is why she dissiphears every once and a while to do jobs of hunting down/killing killers-cuz she doesn't always like to use magic, and doesn't care if there is blood on her hands
Crush/BF/Gf: Nine, lives alone, so no one will get hurt if she dies
Play Quidditch?Position?: yes, whatever posision you need to be filled,
Can Be Found: with no one, and sometimes not even in the school...
Fave Class: anything that you get to use defensive spells, and make things that can possibly harm/kill people
Friends: Harry, Hermione, Ron
Other: No one knows, but she actually is a really nice person, Harry , Hermionie, and Ron know this, but no one believes them...and also, When she dissipheres to kill a mass murder in the wizard world, the teachers don't know where she gone, and they think she got sick..but the head master does...

Name: Zero Takoshi
Age/Year: Same as Phoenix
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: Black hair, dark blue eyes
Personality: Smart, sould be in Ravenclaw...Inquisitive, knows alot, like the school stalker that the school doesn't know about. Knows where pretty much every one is at all times...except for his crush, Phoenix...
Family: Both Parents are Wizards, Both were in Ravenclaw...First in his whole Family to be in Gryffindor...
Crush/BF/Gf: Crush is Phoenix...She doesn't even know him...
Play Quidditch?Position?: Nope, his parents wouldn't let him
Can Be Found: With the people who write the school paper (that the teachers don't know about...)
Fave Class: Transfiguration...
Friends: idk...doesn't really have any...i need more names/characters...
Other: Not the brightest kid, won't stand up for what he knows is right...Lets himself get bullied by the slytherins...doesn't talk to harry, cuz he's too afaraid

Prong's Character:
Name: Diana Potter
Age/Year: A year older than Harry
House: Slytherin
Appearance: The girl version of James Potter
Personality: exactly like Janes was before he deflated his head/ego for Lilly.
Family: Father, James, mother, Lilly (gag), little brother, Harry, godfather, Remus Lupin
Crush/BF/Gf: Tom Riddle (from the diary not the one to murder her father)
Play Quidditch?Position?: chaser just like her father
Can Be Found: In detention for sleeping in class/ out after hours
Fave class: transfiguration & DADA
Friends: Mikayla, Harry, Draco and Pansy
Other: She hated her mother, any women really because she didn't think any of them were ever truly good enough for her father. She liked the way James way and thought he shouldn't of had to changed. Her animus/patronus is a stag because she loved her father so much. (was going to be placed in Gryffindor, choose Slytherin because Diary Tom told her he wished for her to be in his house, she chose the love of her life over her brother and she regrets it late at night when she's alone in her dorm room and crying herself to sleep. She would kill anyone who mocked her for it. Diana is a little bit of a slut, she is sassy and a total flirt; she really doesn't care who the guy is. (she does all of this because she misses her father) and she at first resents Harry because he's technically the reason her daddy died but then after she finds out about harry's horrible life at the Durley's she becomes loving and protective of Harry. She also sees Harry as a second James and thus can not afford to loose him too.

Authors:Listed above exept for Brehot.I asked her and she said i can do her character's dialogue,and POV

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