Star on the Pitch (A Hogwarts Quidditch Story)

In Hogwarts there are four quidditch teams, one for each house. These teams compete throughout the year for the glory of winning the quidditch cup. But poor Dylan Belton, a muggle-born hufflepuff chaser, is about to have her world turned upside down.

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Chapter 1

Summer's End

by: Tellyo2
The wind whistled in my ears as I raced toward the ground, my brother by my side, glancing at me to see if I would pull up first. I smiled and continued to hurtle toward the hard packed earth beneath us. I whooped as Jace pulled out of the fall and only just had enough time to pull my nose up, less than a foot from the ground. The sun beat down on my back and face and I soaked in the warmth, a smile on my face as I raced around Jace. As usual he was ignoring my victory laps, already heading for our bags.

Jace was a year younger than me, but almost a foot taller. He had shaggy dark hair that he normally straightened, a long slender nose that strangely added to his looks instead of taking away from them, and of course the clear blue eyes that ran in the family. He was also pretty brawny for a fourteen year old, and so made up for his flying skills with his strength.

He landed only moments before me and walked over to his backpack. Out of it he pulled a water bottle filled with icey cold orange liquid and four small packets of chocolate frogs. He offered me the drink and I took a big gulp of pumpkin juice, feeling the cold run down my throat and refresh my tired body. We had been in the air for hours, because Jace had wanted to practice. Then I took two frogs and we sat down in the grass, munching on enchanted chocolate.

I was different to the others in my family. My brother and my big sister had both gotten Dad's gene's. The dark hair, the tall but strong build, the handsome but strangely angular features... But I had inherited my mothers looks. I was small and slender, not weak per say, just small and pixie like. I was often teased for my size but I didn't mind, being small means that I'm that much faster than everyone else. I also have mum's auburn hair that hangs down my back in lazy curls, her dimpled cheeks and button nose, as well as her perfect cheek bones. At least I did get the eyes, the piercing crystal blue eyes that was the one way people recognised me as one of the Belton's.

"It's a shame Vincent didn't get a letter." Jace said as he laid back in the grass. Vincent was our eleven year old brother. He had been so hopeful that he would be a wizard, just like his big brother, but the time for letters came and went and poor Vince got nothing.
"Yeah, but what can we do? If he has no magic, then he has no magic. I'm sure he'll make plenty of new friends and forget all about us this year."
I knew it wasn't true. I had gotten my letter for Hogwarts a week after my elventh birthday and the next year Jace had gotten his. Both our parents were muggles so it was very strange that Jace was magical too. We hadn't really expected Vince to get a letter, but we couldn't stand crushing his dreams.

Eventually as the sun set on the horizon we both mounted our brooms and kicked off into the cooling night air. Summer is over, I thought as we zoomed over suburbs, being sure to fly high enough to be mistaken for birds. Tomorrow we would be going back to Hogwarts, me for my OWL year and Jace for his fourth. I couldn't wait to get back into the Hufflepuff common room, my home away from home, my magical family.

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