The Long List Of Things that Piss Me Off :L

So I have no life xD
Anywho, People recently been pissing me off alot xD Or just things people say in general (even if it wasn't to me) just piss me off but I'm too nice to say anything c: sometimes x3 so yeah. This is pretty much the rants of a biitch x3 enjoy

Chapter 1

The List :P (I'm so going to hell for this xD )

1. People Who chomp on string cheese instead of properly peeling it. what the fhuck is wrong with people? That's not how you eat it! cx

2.Parents who treat their kids like "little adults" ie stage moms, etc. Let the kid be a kid for god's sake!


4. People who try to force EVERYONE to live by THEIR personal beliefs

5. Country music

6. Teachers who obviously don't like teaching or kids Why the Hell did you get the job?

7. Biitches When I say this I don't mean anyone I ever KIDDINGLY called a biitch xD I mean everyone else c: I'm talking about the people who make me want to go hunt them down and kick their asss just for being a fhucking moron. the Hateful scaryasss biitches. ugh.

8.Crappy "slasher films" that call themselves "horror"

9. Friends who get pissed off over stupid shiit "Oh, I'm so mad at you for calling my dog stupid o;" What. The. Fhuck? xc

10.The price of espresso since it became "trendy."

11. Fugly Fhucks who think they're the shiit

12. People who look at what I'm eating and make negative comments as though I'm forcing THEM to eat it too

13. People who watch me as I eat Pay attention to your own food! I know I'm Fat but you don't have to watch me -.-

14. People who find "profanity" profane. People need to realize that these are just WORDS. I can Fhucking say what the hell ever I want to biitches. Don't Fhucking Judge me

15. People who open, and start to eat food in a grocery store before paying for it

16. People who go crazy over cute things it's just a puppy, It's not jesus or something

17. My Therapist

18 Over-used phrases like "Hot enough for ya?" Well I don't know I'm sweating so what the hell do you think?

19. Guys that treat nice women like slaves or just generally like shiit

20. People who talk about seex like it's such a BAD thing

21. Guys who keep their diicks in their personality instead of in their pants

22. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time

23. White people who say Ganster instead of Gangsta

24. Stupid girls who act stupid for attention Not saying that ALL white girls are stupid xD but the ones who act stupid for attention

25. People who fhuck with my friends Even if I act like I hate you Only I can hate you. x3 If someone else messes with you they have to deal with me xD cause that's my job to hate you not theres.

26.* Slow people* Who takes their sweet time doing everything, and move like a crippled one legged dog

27. Self-proclaimed atheists who HATE God If you hate him then why the fhuck do you care enough to keep telling everyone you hate him. Plus, if you don't believe in him, you shouldn't even care.

28. Self-proclaimed christians We know you love god already. so stfu

39. People who brag about their skinny genes Shut up and let me be fat. don't rub it in

30.Lovesick people who believe the world centers around them The stars and the universe exist precisely for their glorified meeting, and suddenly, nobody else matters. Oh yes, the heavens placed them together, and they are meant to be, eternally, forever and ever. Until they break up a week later. And While they're crying I'm laughing my asss off at them

31.Pubescent boys The ones who walk together in a big gang, who cares about nothing but showing off money that they borrowed from their mom, swaggering like some hot shots with their pants riding low, showing off their Spongebob boxers as if it’s some kind of tantalizing lingerie, and All that shiit.

Kay that's it for now xD I this wasn't directed towards anyone xD it's just things in general that bother me


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