10 Things not to do with the Death Eaters

10 Things not to do with the Death Eaters

10 things not to do with the Death Eaters!

Chapter 1

The Infamous Beginning

Ready for this???? here we gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Change the Dark Mark into the Batman symbol.
2. Make everyone watch A Very Potter Musical and Sequel for hours.
3. Take Voldemort to the beach and make him get a nose job and a tan.
4. Buy Bellatrix a pit bull without no training 0_0
5. Dress up like a pimp and imperio some of the death eaters as your posse.
6. Take the Death Eaters to the hood. XD
7. Video tape everyone and post it on youtube.
8. Call up Universal Studios and ask them if the Death Eaters could be Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Icons.
9. Make everyone do a christmas music video

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