The Art of Sorcery (Marauders)

The Art of Sorcery (Marauders)

Written at 10:47pm for the start of it anyway since I can’t sleep and have some severe lack of inspiration for everything else. YAY, so what do you know it’s me producing another marauder fanfiction. Yeah I’m obsessed.

I guess you know the drill, feel free to give feedback because I love rate, suggest whatever. Read if you desire. Can't promise it to be brilliant just promise it will be maraudery.

A Third Person Experiment.

J.K Rowling credit is deserved

Chapter 1

Two Red Heads and a Jerk

“Hey I’m telling you know, relax,” Scarlette told Lily. She was still rubbing her right arm from where she had just been hit. The only protection being a thin layer of blue cotton from her shirt.
“Yeah after I told you first,” Lily pouted. Her red hair was blowing in the wind around them.
“Any excuse,” Scarlette laughed out. It was a little inside joke they shared neither was sure how it actually started but it seemed to find its way into every single one of their conversations these days, meaning just about anything.
“Well are you in?”
“Hogwarts, wait your going!” Scarlette squealed grabbing Lily by the hands and preparing to jump.
“Yes!” Scarlette could see the excitement in her face from a mile away.
“Hogwarts here we come,” Lily sighed.
“They won’t be able to handle our insanity,” Scarlette hugged Lily tightly.
“Yeah, try your insanity,” Lily scoffed.
“Right,” Scarlette saluted. “I’m the insane one you’re the stable one ready to break my out of my asylum.”
“Sure,” Lily told her surprising a laugh.

Scarlette and Lily had their arms linked together as they strolled down Diagon Alley. They were both eating chocolate ice creams from Florean Fortsecue. Lily was amazed by all the magical works Diagon Alley had to offer, they’d stopped at almost every place so far just to get a peek at something magic related. Hell the knut someone dropped fascinated her. Scarlette however had visited here a few times with her Father Scott.
“Wands!” she squealed as they approached Olivanders, around since 382. So this man was ancient, he had a horcrux or it was a family run business.
“Lil just for future reference act like this at school and you’ll be Francine Fitzgerald,” Scarlette said in an attempt to settle her. Francine was that girl at their school. The horrific one, who never shut up, thought she knew everything and found everything truly amazing!
“Bye Daddy,” Scarlette called over her shoulder
“Meet you back here as soon as your finished sweetheart,” her father called back. His reddish brown hair was getting tossed about in the wind. Scott was the kind of guy that was described as the boy next door. He had green eyes that were starling bright though seemed to change with his mood to grey or blue. He was always a bright man though lately his spirits had been lowered when his wife (a muggle) Cassandra had fallen ill and then died. They were the perfect couple with the perfect troublemaker of a daughter. He was a pureblood, a blood traitor some may say.
Scott worked in the Ministry in the misuse of Muggle Artefacts due to his obsession with them, muggles that was. The only person that share his adoration for Muggle’s was Arthur Weasley, the new guy.
They walked into the wand shop, it was old and dusty and Scarlette swore she spotted a few spider webs. Wand boxes littered the floor, walls and any other spare spots. A few books were tossed about and an old looking man with Silver hair was examining a wand for a short blonde boy in front of him.

“Good, very good,” the old man said. The younger one paid and moved aside he paused when he spotted Scarlette and Lily.
A small smile appeared on his chapped rosy lips. This boy was what some would call perfection. His hair was perfectly styled, his fair skin completely untouched by scars, freckles, moles you name it he didn’t have it. That and of course his eyes blue orbs that seemed to sparkle. The problem with people like this, they were usually spoiled rich pompous brats. Or your regular old (or well young) jerks.
The blonde one moved past them but not before a brief conversation with the girls that seemed to identify that this guy knew more about himself then what a wand was. It was as if they only thing he knew was himself.
“Hello,” Lily greeted the old man Scarlette figured was Olivander cheerily.
“Hiya,” Scarlette said not matching Lily’s level of cheerfulness but in her own way out shone her.
Their wands were a fun experiment to get. They were measured repetitively until Olivander realised they had not stopped. Lily had ended up with a ten and a half inch willow wand with a unicorn hair; it was swishy and apparently good for charms work. This worked her up again, charms. She was going to be a handful.
While Scarlette got a thirteen and a half inch Ashwood with dragon heartstring it was surprisingly swishy.
Olivander wished them luck at Hogwarts before they left the shop.

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