Just Howl! ~ A Remus John Lupin Love Story

Hey! This character is based on me, except the name. I love Remus and hope you enjoy this story.
(P.S. The chapter sizes may vary!)

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
I felt pain surge from my head to toes and a shcok of cold air blew over my face. I began gasping for air. I sat up quickly and examined my situation. I waqs laying in a bundle of leaves, sprawled out on the dirty ground. Another bad transformation. I found my ripped shirt and shorts nearby. As I pulled them on I felt sharp pains through out my body. I had a few more scarrs now. The sun was just breaking over the mountains and a crisp breeze blew through my hair, nipping at my cheeks. I saw my large cream house through the leaves of the trees. As I parted through the forest I heard weeping inside. Mum again. She was always worried when I transformed. She blames it on herself, marrying a werewolf and getting pregnant just before he runs off. I felt a tear drip down y cheek and sting the new wounds. My mum burst through the door and held me tightly.
"Sweetheart!" She weeped. "Thank goodness you're okay!"
I felt my body burn with pain and begging to be free again, but I don't want to let go.
"Quickly, get inside, you're a mess!" She sobbed.
She brought me inside and sat me at the dinner table. I grabbed a large spoon and stared at my reflection. I was a mess. There was blood oozing from wounds on my face and I ran my fingers along the raw scratches on my arms and legs. Mum came over with the usual ointment and began dabbing at the wounds. In the end she got out her wand and attempted to fix them, but they were stubborn.
"Well," She sniffed. "That's the best I can do. Pop upstairs and take a shower quick."
I scratched the legs of the chair out and ran up the stairs. I grabbed a towel and my clotyes before locking the door of the bathroom and began running the hot water. I stared at the mirror. My soft pale skin was split by scarrs, one from my cheekbone to jaw, another dashed across my forehead and some faint ones. But worst of all there was a promanent one slashing across the left corner of my mouth. My appearance ruined, again. Although people considered me very attractive, I don't see it. I have shoulder length chocolate brown hair and almost black eyes. My skin was rather pale and I was very well developed. I inched past my mother but no where near reached my brothers. My older twin brothers, Ejay and Jesse, are very tall with redish brown hair and hazel-brown eyes. I quickly showered and changed. Today I decided to wear my faded jeans, an orange owl top, my cashmere jacket, converse, black heart studs and a snow globe necklace I got last year for Christmas. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=40294463) I heard mum calling for me just after I finished my make-up. I packed my satchel and, as quick as I could, decended the stairs. I saw my brothers standing there ready- with identical outfits- and my mother fiddling with her purse.
"Ready?" She quizzed.
"Ready!" Ejay and Jesse said in unison.
I just nodded. Today we were going to Diagon Alley. My first year, the boys third. We climbed into the car and the engine rummbled to life. I love Ministry cars.
"So Mia," Jesse mused.
"Ready for Hogwarts?" Ejay asked.
"Whatever." I shrugged.
I was pretty laid-back most of the time but I really was excited for Hogwarts.
"There are some pretty good-looking people there!" Ejay said.
I nodded. Jesse then turned to Ejay.
"Did you hear, another Black's coming this year!?" He exclaimed.
"Yeh, a boy I think." Ejay said.
"Hope he's not a crazy mainiac like Bellatrix!" Jesse added.
I knew who the Blacks were. My brothers often talked about them. A pretty bad family I thought.
"I reckon some guys will be pretty smitten with you Mia!" Jesse said, out of the blue.
"Oh sure!" I said sarcastically. "The scarrs are a real turn on."
They rolled their eyes.
"Whatever Mia." They said in unison.
We soon arrived at the Leaky Couldrin and made our way into Diagon Alley. We all split up to go and get our different things. My books were easy and I quickly got my equipment, all I hade left was a wand and a pet if I want. I went into Ollivanders and the old man crept down from his ladder.
"A wand?"
I nodded. He was a bit scarey and strange. Somehow he knew exactly where to go. He brought down a jet black box with a small ribbon around the middle. He pulled out the wand and explained.
"Rowan, 15", Dragon Heartstring." He croaked.
The wand was a beautiful glossy black with small swirls carved into it. I grasped the wand and immeidiatly a whisp of gold whirled around me then back into the wand.
"Brilliant!" He said.
I handed him the gold, tucked y wand away and went back out onto the crowded cobblestone street. I searched for the Magical Menagerie store. It was very near, with many noisy animals. I pushed inside and gaped at the many animals.
"Wow!" I gasped.
"Quiet something, isn't it?" Came a voice from behind.
I was startled and whipped around to see a tall boy with long black hair and grey eyes.
"Sirius Black, nice to meet you!" He said.
I cringed at the name.
"Don't worry, I'm not like my family." He encouraged, thrusting forward his hand.
I shook it- more confidently- and inrtoduced myself.
"Mia Webb, nice to meet you too!"
He grinned and I turned back to the store.
"What did you want?" He asked.
"Not sure. Perhaps a cat."
"Good choi-"
Sirius was cut of my a squeal. A small girl was staring a cage with a small leathery winged creature in it. Then the lady at the counter came bustling up.
"Oh, for heavans sake! It's just a little fruit bat!" She rammbled.
I stepped over to the cage, mezmorized. He was a dark brown with big ears and big brown eyes. He was only a baby. Then the lady came over to me.
"He is cute, no one will take him though. His mother died a week ago, no one bought her either." She said.
Before thinking I blurted.
"I'll take him!"
She looked at me biwildered with delight.
"A-Are you sure?"
She got a small cage for me and I handed her the galleons before returning to the spot where Sirius stood. It was all very fast.
"Y-You bought a bat?" He stuttered.
"Yeh, he is cute!"
I tickled his tummy through the cage and he licked me with his tiny tongue. Just then Ejay and Jesse entered the shop. They spotted Sirius and recognized him as a Black.
"Outta here Black!" Jesse spat.
Sirius looked stunned.
"Ejay, Jesse! No. He's not like his family!" I sighed.
"How do you know!?" Ejay hissed.
"Do you really think I would be near him if he were?"
It was a very quick anger snap and we were soon back out on the street with mum. We went back out the Leakey Couldrin and jumped into the Ministry car. Going to Hogwarts made me feel almost normal.

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