103 Questions (Repost)

Chapter 1


1. Are you a boy or girl? Girl

2. How old are you?: 13

3. What is your Chinese Zodiac sign? Tiger

4.What is your Zodiac sign? Cancer

5. Who is your best friend? Shannon and Ferdy

6. Who are your favorite actor[s] that you think is hot? Phelps twins, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton

7. Who is your favorite actress? Emma Watson

8. Who is your favorite band? The Agency

9. Who do you love the most? My Fam

10. What is your favorite color(s)? I have a lot

11. Would you give up everything you had for your soul mate? I don’t know

12. Are you single?: Yeah

13. What if you met your soul mate at the wrong time? What kind of question is that???

15. If you could have one fictional characters mind for a day, who would it be and why? Hermione’s

16. / If you could be a magical creature, what would you be?/ a phoenix.

17. Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?: Jacob.

18. Twilight or Harry Potter?: Harry Potter!!!

19. Burn in the sun or Sparkle? Niether!

20. Would you go all the way on the first date? Not a chance. Not until I’m marriede

21. #1 Thing you hate about boys' appearances nowadays? I don’t know…

22. Hug or Kiss?: Both :D

23. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Italy, France, England

24. Imagine. It is a dark night, you are alone, it is raining outside, and you hear someone walking around outside your window. Who do you call? Parents then Shannon

25. What have you been thinking about lately? About this guy I have a HUGE crush on!

26. If you could be in your dream place at the moment, what would you be doing? Falling in love..

27. If somebody was describing your personality in one word what would they say? Random

28. What gives you butterflies in your tummy? Talking to the guy I like
29. If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get? Sweet sweet candy!

30. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? An eagle

31. When you were little, who was your favorite super hero and why? Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Firestar

32. What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? Not school!

33. If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? Taylor Swift

34. If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would you be and why? Vanilla with fudge swirls!

35. What's your favorite cartoon character, and why? I don’t watch cartoons

36. Are you a morning or night person? NIGHT!

37. What are your favorite hobbies? Drawing, reading, going on quibblo and listening to music

38. What are your pet peeves or interesting things about you that you dislike? Annoying older brothers.

40. If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction? A romantic comedy drama about friendship

41. If you were a comic strip character, who would you be and why?: Don’t have one

42. What thought or message would you want to put in a fortune cookie? You’re beautiful

43. If you had to give up a favorite food, which would be the most difficult to give up? .....U expect me to choose!! O.O

44. What is one food you'd never want to taste again? Uncooked fish

45. If you won a lottery ticket and had a million dollars, what would you do with it?: College, stuff for me, like a car, or some clothes

46. You've been given access to a time machine. Where and when would you travel to? I’m not sure, Indian times, 70s, 50s, 80s

47. If you could be any superhero and have super powers, which one would you like to have and why?: Spidergirl! That would be so cool!

48. Mount Rushmore honors four U.S. presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would you add and why? No one, it’s good the way it is.

49. If you could transport yourself anywhere instantly, where would you go and why? To visit my Aunt! She’s really nice!

50. In your opinion, which animal is the best (or most beautiful) and why? tigers are very elegant, I think

51. What is one item that you really should throw away, but probably never will?: well, my diary from 3rd grade

52. Growing up, what were your favorite toys to play with as a child?: My giant stuffed snowman named Zacky

53. Who is the most relevant person in our time in your opinion? ?

54. /What is the title of the best book you have ever read? Why?: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

55. What is the name of the best movie you have ever seen? Why?: The Wedding Singer

56. What comes to mind first when you hear the word "reality"? Why?: ?

57. What is the most beautiful thing about people? Why?: Their view on life

58. What is the most honest thing you have done?: I told a guy I like him

59. If you could change one thing about yourself what would you change? Why?: I wouldn’t be as tall as I am, or how clumsy I am

60. What is the ugliest thing you know? Why? : Child abuse

61. What do you like to do most with a free hour? Why? : Go on Quibblo, read, surf the internet and listen to music

62. What is the most significant event of the last three months? Why?: I met my crush

63. What force of history are you most aware of as you plan your life? Why?: idk

64. On what basis do you select your friends? Why?: Personality, funniess, supoortivness, truthfullness and awesomness.

65. What is the most overwhelming thing you know?: I had to go to my friend’s mom’s funeral during my period

66. What is the greatest problem in the United States? Why?: fattening food and global warming

67. What thing makes you most humble? Why?:watching Shannon’s mom with Anna (Her daughter, a newborn)

68. What is the greatest value that guides your life?:my friends

69. If you could smash one thing and one thing only, what would you smash? Why?: a lot of things….

70. What is the greatest crime one person can commit against another? Why?: R*pe and child abuse

71. For what do you think you would be willing to lay down your life?: my family and friends.

72. What do you feel when you stand on the shore of the ocean?: awe

73. If you were tape recording the sound of violence, what sound would you use?: Gun shots and screaming ppl

74. What sound would you use for beauty?: Harp strums

75. If an atomic bomb were to explode a block away in ten minutes, what would you do for those ten minutes?: Call everyone i love

77. Choose a word that best describes your life up to this moment?: pretty good

78. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?: The sunrise on a beach

79. What is your biggest worry?: losing my friends

80. What do people like best about you?: I’m funny, I’m told

81. What do you think of when you think of tragedy?: Separation from loved ones

82. What skill do you need in order to succeed?: Determination

83. What talent should you develop?: public speaking without feeling like an idiot

84. Choose a word to describe a sunset?: romantic or ominous

85. When do you feel most lonely? : When people get pissed because of me

86. Choose a word you to describe the elderly population? Confusing!

87. What future discovery do you anticipate the most? Flying cars! xD

88. What is the greatest music ever composed? A cover of teenage dream by Boyce Avenue

89. Did you, as a child, ever run away from home?: once. But I came back in an hour

90. What's your favorite room in the house, and why? My room because it’s my own personal space.

91. The greatest compliment I ever received was you’re beautiful

92. If you were a car, what would you be and why?: a mustang convertable

93. What was your favouite food as a child? Do you eat it now?: strawberry. Yes!

94. Share a quirky habit you have. How long have you had it? I babble when I’m nervous. Yeah….

95. Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? Yes.

96. What's the worst thing you did as a little kid? Slapped my dad

97./ I really crack up when...:/ my parents try to dance

98. What was your most memorable birthday? My last one, all my close friends were there

99. Favorite TV show?: Batman the Adam West version

100. Favorite character from that show? : Batgirl/Barbra Gorden

101. Favorite country besides your own?: England

102. Favorite time of day?: in the early night or late afternoon when the sky turns orange pinkish

103. What is your name?: Ellie


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