Anything but Ordinary (Original story- READ OR I WILL DELETE YOU!!!)

Anything but Ordinary (Original story- READ OR I WILL DELETE YOU!!!)

This is about an ordinary girl who finds out that she is something extraordinary. You will have to read it cos I'm not giving anything else away...

Chapter 1

Just an ordinary day in the ordinary life of Alexia Pierce

I awoke to the abnoxious screaming of my alarm clock and mumbled something unintelligable as I reached out hitting my bed-side table until I found the snooze button. I then snuggled back into the warmth of my bed. As soon as I began to drift off; the alarm went off again. I sat up, admitting defeat and began my daily routine. It was the same every day, (excluding weekends), I stumbled sleepily to the bathroom and splashed icy cold water on my face until I was finally awake. As I brushed my teeth I looked at my relection in the mirror. My shoulder length brown hair was so tangled; it looked like an afro and my bright green eyes had a weary look to them. After my teeth were squeaky clean and my hair was more presentable, I got dressed for school. If there was one thing I liked about my school; it would be the no-uniform policy. I dressed in jeans and a black singlet with a cute picture of a wolf. I had long since grown tired of getting all dressed up, it was just a waste of time; nobody noticed me anyway. I wore the bare minimum of make-up to qualify as one of the normal girls; because if I didn't the other girls would start judging me. So I put on my trademart black eyeliner and mascara and headed down for breakfast.
Breakfast at my house was no big deal like other families who all sat at the table together. After all it was just me and my dad but he was always working and it was almost as if I lived alone. I poured myself a glass of juice and made myself some toast as I checked my facebook profile. I didn't even like facebook but EVERYONE is on it so it was just something I did to "fit in". I didn't even know why I was on it so much cos I only like got one notification or inbox and that was just depressing. This time my notification was: "Kat Riley likes your status." Kat was my best friend since first grade and I would probably die without her support and company. She made this hellhole bearable. I glaced at the time and swore when I realised that I was late. I left my computer on and my half eaten toast as I bolted out the door, grabbing my bag on the way.
Lucky I lived pretty close to the school, it took me only fifteen minutes to walk there and five minutes to run. I entered the grounds just as the bell rang and made it to my first class on time. I just happened to have maths up first, the class I hate more than anything else. I sat down and zoned out the second the teacher started talking and glanced up at the clock every few minutes. A knock at the door snapped me out of my daze. A tall guy walked into the class room, over to the teacher. He had messy golden brown hair and bright blue eyes. I couldn't help but notice how hot he was, especially with the giggling of the stupid popular girls in the middle row. I overheard snippets of his converstaion with the teacher, it turned out that the guy was a new student. The teacher told him to sit wherever he wanted and waited for him to sit down. I expected the dude to scan the classroom for empty seats but his eyes just looked at me. I remembered that the seat next to me was empty and he probably noticed earlier. I looked down to my notebook, which was covered in graffiti due to my tendencey to become bored, and hoped that he wouldn't sit next to me. But to my dismay, he did. I ignored him and continued an old drawing in my book. It was of a girl with long black hair and a wolf. I felt the new guy's stare but resisted the temptation to look up.
"Hi, I'm Dean, I'm new here." He said.
"I know." I said, barely glancing at him.
"That's a really cool picture." He stated.
Well, he was trying to be friendly, I had to admire his courage, he was new here. "Um thanks." I replied.
"Are you going to tell me your name?"
Before I could answer, the teacher shushed us and threatened us with detention. Not long later the bell rang and I hurried off to my next class which was science. I liked really like science, not just because I was good at it; because Kat was my lab partner.
"There you are!" Kat exclaimed when she saw me. "I was beginning to think that you didn't show today."
"Nah, I was just late." I replied hugging her.
"You, late?" She raised her eyebrows.
"There's a first time for everything." I shrugged.
"So have you seen the new kids."
"New kids?"
"Yeah a guy and a girl. They're twins."
"Well there was a new guy in my first class."
"Was he hot?"
"That was probably him then... Speak of the devil." she glanced over my shoulder.
I saw Dean and a short girl with long blond hair enter the room and sit across from us. Class passed by quickly and Kat and I pranced off to the spot where our group of friends hung out at break time.
As I endured each class I came to realise that either one or both of the new kids were there. It was a little strange and both of them went out of their way to sit with me or talk to me. I wasn't used to it and it creeped me out.

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