Oneshot(s) Contest

Chapter 2


Well, there weren't really alot of people who entered . . . only three . . . but I'm still glad to announce the winners.

In first place is . . .


Her I'm Lost Oneshot was very good. It showed great use of the prompt and was different from what I was expecting. There were few grammar and spelling errors in there. Though neji was a little OOC . . .

Then there's also her Everything I Love Leaves Me, Why Don't You? oneshot. I like the factthat you wrote it from Gaara's PoV and the ending just pulled my heartstrings. It was wonderfully written and there were also few grammar/spelling arrors in this.

In second place is . . .


Even though her Smile oneshot was most recently posted, I really enjoyed the thought she put into it. How she incorporated the prompt within her story, while also using the love interest's death, was wonderful. It was discriptive, humorous, and somewhat original ;)

And last bu not least . . .


For her Mixed Feelings oneshot, first of all, I just have to say, yay for yaoi an Death Note! Though I'm not a huge fan of the whole LxLight thing and the characters may have been a little OOC, I kind of understand why Light was used to show off the prompt and how L was there to also prove a point. Put two and two together and you get LxLight. I still love it, but I would sugges try spacing out your lines more.

We also can't forget her Not Going to Come in Second oneshot. I though the oneshot may have been just a little romantic or angsty in any way, but it seemed more like a short story about a moment in time with Mello and Matt. I do like it though, because you showed just how bad Mello wanted to beat Near no matter what. The setting, though, made me sad . . .

All the winners can message me anytime about their oneshots. Just send me this form.

Reader Insert or Oc:
Genre(angst, romance ect.):

If you picked OC


Congrats to all who won :) I would say 'to all who competed' but there wern't really many. . .

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