My Little Personality Disorder

**Okay, for all you Bronies out there, I've made myself a Unicorn Pony with a little issue. Her name is Staradox Silver and I hope you enjoy her entrance into Ponyville. This story will also be on Fanfiction, so yeah. Enjoy!**
With love, the author,
~~Hannah Diggle~~

Chapter 1

Another beginning, probably about to go wrong

by: DomoKitty
Staradox Silver looked around the cheerful town, full of apprehension. Another new start for her, the sixth this year. And it was only June.
Staradox Silver had an issue. Well, two issues, actually. They were called Staradox and Silver.
Staradox and Silver were her two personalities. Blue-eyed Staradox was always happy and friendly, always full of positive energy. But when her eyes went green, her negative side, Silver, took over and usually ruined things. As she had for the past few years, ever since she'd gotten her Cutie Mark--a face, half frowning and half smiling.
Right now, it was Silver who had taken over.
Silver gazed up at the treehouses. They looked so happy and cheerful, she wanted to vomit rainbows. But she didn't, because that just wasn't done. She sighed. Maybe once I get to my new place, I'll feel better, she thought.
She glanced warily back and forth at the ponies playing around nearby, hoping they wouldn't talk to her. She didn't want ruin her chances at friends by addressing anyone as Silver, but Staradox . . . Staradox was easy to get along with, and she'd wait to associate with anyone until her more positive side had taken over.
Suddenly, she saw a hyperactive-looking pink pony bounding over to her. Inwardly, she groaned. Her spirits drooped even lower as she realized her stay was about to become hell, once again.
Fortunately, right at that moment, her eyes went from green to blue as Staradox claimed control of her body. Suddenly, things didn't seem to be going so bad. Of course, with Staradox. nothing ever did.

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