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Twilight fans DO NOT READ, content below may offend.

Chapter 1


"Bella is NOT a heroine- she’s too much of a dumbáss in distress to even deserve that title. Mulan! She was a young woman who didn’t quite fit in where she lived and wanted a chance to show her true self and while she was a bit shaky at first, she proved to the world that she could be somebody and brought honor to her country by taking her ill father’s place in a war disguised as a boy. What about the heroines in Tim Burton’s animated films, Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas? Victoria was another girl who didn’t fit in where she lived and was always pushed down by her strict family and was never given the chance to show the real her, when she met Victor, she met someone she could relate to in many ways because he felt the same about life and he accepted her for who she was and not what her parents wanted her to be. Instead of throwing herself off cliffs to hallucinate about him when he got taken away and running to manipulate with another boy, she did everything she could to try to save him and became stronger. Hell, she even told the villain to go fúck himself. Emily started off as what you would call a Disney Princess stereotype in dreams of true love and everybody loved her but in the end, she did a very unselfish thing for Victor and Victoria and realized that life isn’t always a fairytale. So she crossed over knowing she set things right. And Sally, she was in Victoria’s situation with a strict parent who never let her anywhere and was curious of the outside world like her, she knew Jack was having trouble with feeling misunderstood by the citizens of Halloweentown and when he made the wrong decisions, she tried to guide him and help him understand and realize he was making the wrong decisions. She even tried to rescue him and Sandy Claws. So there are four good examples of heroines in fictional works that can blow Bella Swan away by a longshot. Bella is too weak and she doesn’t do anything noble, learn an important lesson, or become stronger. She’s very lacking in character development and she relies too heavily on her love interest(s) to come save her and she shows a lot of signs of being mentally unstable as well since she’s constantly putting her life at risk to either be rescued or to have hallucinations. She would even go as far as almost killing herself so she can have séx with Edward and have a demon baby. Another thing that gets me is that we’re not given a reason why Bella loves Edward, it’s just badly-written infatuation. We know Victoria loves Victor because they’re both outcasts who care about freedom, love, and aren’t going after the money in a world that doesn’t quite understand them, we know Jack loves Sally because they both feel pressured and tired of the life they lead daily, Mulan loved Shang for all they’ve been through together, and Emily gave up her chance of falling in love unselfishly. Stephenie Meyer could learn a thing or two from Tim Burton and Disney when it comes to writing a good heroine."


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