A Letter to Quibblo

Chapter 1


Dear Quibblo,

I have a long list of complaints for you. It is a very long list indeed and I pray you'll work on fixing some of these issues.

For starters, inappropriate words. Links do not always contain inappropriate words, especially when they are from this site. Your list of banned words and phrases is strange. I cannot say the words "pen" and "is" next to each other, despite the fact that I might have been about to describe the pen by saying the ink was red or something of the like.

Secondly, when people sign off, I understand a bit of a delay in registering the fact, but fifteen minutes? It is beyond annoying to sign on, think someone is on, send them a message, then notice ten minutes later that they're signed out.

Another thing, the age limits on certain quizzes... You don't allow inappropriate content, but most religious quizzes are blocked from users under the age of eighteen. This alone makes me spitting mad. Just because we're minors does not mean we don't have the right to discuss religion.

Also, how about a seperate inbox for quiz invites? I hate having to sort through the slew of messages for the ones that I actually want and for the friend requests. Pretty please? Just for me?

These are merely a few of the many complaints, and I'm sure I'll write you again soon. Until then, I bid you good night.



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