Joker and Gothica (Hogwarts Love Story)

Name: Lilith Moon
Age: 16 (weasley twin age)
Hair: Long black hair
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pureblood

Chapter 1

How it began

by: MelMalfoy
The first time i ever befriended either of the Wealey Twins actually began from a prank or well mean joke that they decided to pull on me. Well let me tell you a bit about how i am. Im mean and gothic every time someoen tried to talk to me the first few weeks of school id either threaten them with my knowledge of dark spells or id just glare at them darkly. Soon enough people went from trying to talk to me to talking about me behind my back but since i was scary to them i could get them to stop talking quickly. The Weasley Twin's at this point had been weasklings in the pranking world not yet having discovered the Marauder's map or basocally had been all taht funny. So they just did mean things that made people laugh eventually theyd learn to make fun of themselves instead. The thing in Question happened in about February of our first year. I knew something was up when the twins were giggling like crazy in a corner of the room something in theri hands then after a while they decided to make their plan known. They got up onto a table in the middle of the room and whistled loudly. "Guess what we have here?" Fred or Geroge well the one on the right asked and i rolled my eyes "your manhood?" i called out "now you should really be nicer to us Gothica" he said back "Nope this is little Gothica, miss toughest bich on the planet's diary" he said. The whole crowd of people laughed then they all at once turned to see me in fright and i crossed my armsw over my chest "and do pray tell what is in that so called diary of mine?" i asked. "So glad you asked Gothica" George said and took the notebook from his twin's hands "''February 14th, 1989, Oh i am ever so depressed wish i had someone to spend this Valentine's day with some guy sny gy really''" he read. "''Like that ever so handsome Fred Weasley. Oh hes sooooo dreamy! I wish hed love me back but *sigh * he probably doesnt even know i exist. How sad life was made to be''" Fred finished off with a smirk. The whole Common Room was in fits of laughter. I calmly stood up out of my chair, pulled my pink hair up into a ponytail and removed my teardrop earrings and then took a deep breathe and took a running start tackling both the twins. I aimed punches at every piece of flesh i could spot pulling red hair and kicking brown eyes until finally Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson and Oliver Wood managed to pull me off them with me yelling "you two made that up i havent written in that dumb piece of sh!te for over 3 years!" i yelled as they painfully got up (my boot may have had a knife in it). A taller red head was in fits of laughter as the twins ogt up, i recognized him as Charlie Weasley a 6th year and the Twins' brother. "Oh my god! Bill will die laughing when i tell him you tow were beat up by a girl!" he laughed and i slapped him upside the head "what are you laughing at? I saw that Blondy Ravenclaw kick you in the balls and you started crying like a bich!" i said. Now the twins laughed and i rolled my eyes.
Ever since that time when i kicked their buts we became sort of frienemies. They were the only people that werent afraid of me, that didnt talk badly about me and i was the only person that could control them because they actually respected me. No one else understood our friendship but that was fine with us because thats just how we were people didnt always understand us but we'd never let that get in the way of us being ourselves. Progresivley our relationship went out of Frenemies and came into 'friends' zone. On any day you'd be able to see the twins, Me and Lee walking down the hallway the twins joking, me reading one of my Gothic Novels and Lee laughing to the twins' jokes. Once in a while the Twins would nudge me or poke me to get me to pay attention or more often than not theyd end up picking me up and id start to laugh because they always picekd me up on my ticklish spots. Then people look at us crazily and id flip them off still laughing and thats how we worked out. One time when htey first made it onto the Quidditch team Fred tried to get me to join it because i apparently had 'a wicked right hook' but i wouldnt and simply said "its too much glee and that crap id rather slit my throat bleh" i said with a face of disgust. I wouldnt join in but i still went to all of their games and would cheer half hearitdly along with everyone else though mine was more bored than anything as i just counted the hours down to when id be able to go back to the castle and read. Whenever i tried to leave the game the twins would always aim their brooms towards me and drag me back into my seat. Thats how our friendship worked and noone got us but we were friends and we udnerstood each other as long as that was that then we were alright.

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