Chapter 1


"I love Fall. Everything is starting to die, only in a slow, painful way." I mumbled slowly to myself as I sat, leaning against an old weeping willow tree.
I was all alone, like always, and sitting in the graveyard. Infront of me, there were two graves. One bared the name "Kristen Callen" while the other bared "Kris Callen".
I am Roxanne Callen.
Infront of me, laying in a brown box, are my parents.
They died when I was about 9.
House fire.
I remember it like yesterday.
The smoke, the fire, the heat, the screaming...
It's etched into my brain.
And I can't get it out.
Everyday, since the accident happened, I visit their graves. I'm the only one every here, always.
I don't cry, of course.
I do my school work, silently. I read aloud so they can hear. I talk to them about my life or about how I hate this one teacher or maybe even that one.
I though it would always be like this.
Just me and two graves.
Little did I know that soon it would be two graves and me along with you.

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