Twilight Chatroom

I made this on my lilylukeu account. Hope ya like

Chapter 1

Between Bella917Swan and EdwardAMCullen

Bella917Swan(3:17): Hey Eddy! Can I go to Jacob's?

EdwardAMCullen(3:17): No.

Bella917Swan(3:20): How about now?

EdwardAMCullen(3:20): No.

Bella917Swan(4:15): Yay thanks!

EdwardAMCullen(4:15): I SAID NO!

Bella917Swan(7:12): Hey Jake! YOU HAVE GREAT ABS. Had so much fun-Hope we can do it again!

EdwardAMCullen(7:12): WHAT THE ****(This word has been blocked)

Bella917Swan(7:14): Oh that was for Jacob!

EdwardAMCullen(7:14): I'M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE!

Bella917Cullen(7:21): How do you know where I live?

EdwardAMCullen(7:21): ..


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