Before It's Too Late~ short story

Before It's Too Late~ short story

I wrote this the other day, let me know what you guys think. :)
Dedicated to Caitlin Toohey and Amanda Bremner for being the bestestestest friends I could ever ask for, and Liv Clark~ welcome to quibblo. :D

Chapter 1

Before It's Too Late

They were in love.

It was as simple as that.

There was no "it's complicated". No "second thoughts."

Cady loved Jordin, and Jordin loved Cady.

It had, in theory, just started out like any summer romance. Rich, burning-on-the-inside popular girl meets quiet, thoughtful orphan girl: Opposites áttract, right? Cady had long, red hair, and got straight A's in everything. Jordin had shorter black hair, and lived in an orphanage, where no one would surely miss her. The two had both been in their senior years of high school, and had met on a rather humid day by the beach.
Cady's hair dealt terribly with humid weather.
Jordin had teasingly said, "You know, there's this thing called hair spray..."
And Cady had spent the rest of the day talking to her.
By then she knew she loved Jordin, and Jordin knew she loved Cady.
They shared numbers, and from that day, they were inseperable.

They spent the whole summer together, and even when summer ended and Jordin had to go back to Ohio to the orphanage, while Cady was staying in California, they managed to keep their relationship going. No one really knew how they managed it, but they did. They talked only through skýpe, phone, and letters, but it seemed enough to keep the both of them going for the rest of senior year.

After they graduated, they moved in together in a nice house in Georgia.

For the first year, they were the happiest couple ever. Everyone could see it.

Then they started fighting.

Cady didn't exactly know what had started the first fight, but whatever it was spread quickly, because soon after that, fighting seemed to be all they did.

Cady would come home from work, cook dinner and wait for Jordin, who would eventually stumble home, often drúnk, and they would ríp each other's throats out for no reason.

Their neighbours could see how quickly things were ruining, how quickly they were destroying everything they'd ever made of themselves.

But no one said a word.
No one did anything.

In truth, someone probably could have stopped what awful fate lay ahead for Cady and Jordin, but no one had the gúts to.

Fall of 2009, they broke up. It was in the middle of a fight, when Cady was busy yelling at Jordin and she threw a plate.




"Well, there's the FÚCKING door, Cady!"

Cady grábbed her bag, tears stréaming down her face, and stormed out the door, slámming it behind her. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew she wouldn't be coming back.

After that night, Cady developed a drínking problem. Everyone could see it. She'd drink ridiculous amounts, sléep with countless randoms, and stúmble her way back to her sister's house. This went on for months.

Cady and Jordin weren't talking- ever.

Cady continued to drink, and after a while, she got herself in to some dangerous drúgs.

After months and months, rumour spread and made its way to Cady that Jordin was moving back to Ohio to live near the orphanage she had grown up in. Cady told everyone she didn't care, but she did. She cared so, so much. Jordin had stopped trying for her. Stopped loving her. Jordin had stopped loving Cady.

Completely ruined down to her core, Cady got in her car, not caring where she was going but only knowing she had to get as far away from the memories as she could.

She drove through her drúnken haze and blurring tears, and before she even felt the car skid, she was face to face with a tree and her vision was dimming. Cady felt the glass go through her forehead and the windsheild shatter around her back. Her neck made a sick snapping sound, and she fell on the hood of her car, limbs rolling and flailing. She heard screams that she didn't recognise as even her own, and before her vision blackened completely, whispered, "I love you, Jordin."

When Cady awoke, she was shocked beyond belief to be alive. And in a hospital.

Cady sat up, groaning in pain. She wore multiple casts and had a billion needles and IV's hooked up to her frail, bruised body.

"What happened?" She groaned.

"You were in a car accident," A nurse told her, pleased to see she was awake, though her expression remained grim. She came over to change the glass of water next to Cady's bed.

"How am I still alive?" Cady breathed in disbelief, laying her head back against the pillow.

The nurse smiled. "The doctors here are miracle workers, sweetie. You were in a coma for two weeks. We stitched you up and put you in casts, but you really messed up your liver and lungs..." She sighed. "Its okay, though, we got you a doner. You'll be fine."

Cady returned the nurse's smile, propping herself up on a pillow.

"Wow...I feel like this happened for a reason, you know? Like a near death experience...there's so much that I overlooked! I'll have to call mom,"

She smiled at the thought. Cady hadn't spoken to her parents since moving out.

"That's always good, love," The nurse remarked. "Patch things up with your mother before it's too late."

Cady nodded. "I'll have to go back to work,"

She missed work. She had worked as an art teacher, and missed her students terribly. She hadn't been back to work since the break up.

"That's a good thing, love," The nurse told her. "Fix things with work before it's too late."

Cady thought, still smiling and lost in thought. "I'll buy the things I've always wanted,"

Like a house, a good car, a boat...

"That's wonderful, love," The nurse smiled. "Enjoy the luxuries of life before it's too late."

"And I'll visit my home town!"

"That's spectacular, love," The nurse continued in her busiwork, smiling even still. "Visit old friends before it's too late."

Cady's grin widened. "But most of all, more than anything, I'll have to see Jordin."

The nurse kissed Cady's cheek, making her way out the door.
"That's the best, love," Cady smiled after, her, hearing her say cheerily, "Be with the one you love before it's too late."

Cady was ecstatic. Finally, she'd be with the one she loved.

She waited until later that day, when a doctor came to check up on her.

"Is there anything you need?" He asked, smiling warmly.

Cady thought for a moment. "Yes, actually," She grinned wildly. "May I use your phone? I'd like to call my girlfriend."

The doctor nodded. "Of course. Name, please?"

"Jordin Oswauld."

The doctor looked up suddenly, meeting her gaze with soft eyes.

"They didn't tell you?" He said softly, sympathetically.

Cady looked at him carefully, her own heart beating wildly. "Tell me what?"

The doctor sat next to her on the bed, sighing sadly, "Cady....someone had to donate those orgáns."


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