Love in a meadow

idk random

Chapter 1

Meeting him

by: LilLisa
I sat in my meadow with my art book. It wasn't my meadow it was a meadow I found in the woods. I loved drawing things here. I continued on my drawing.

I was almost finishing my shading when a voice scared me.

"Hello there" I turn and see a boy.

"Oh hello.... What are you doing here?" I asked a little shy. I don't like when a boy talks to me. I look down at my mirror that is attached to my art binder.

I am not pretty. I am scene and he's emo. Well first impressions always come to me. I looked back up at him.

"Oh I'm sorry what was that." I told him.

"I live over there." He pointed to a house not that far. I never noticed it.

"Oh... Now I feel stupid." He laughed and sat next to me.

"I'm Alex."

"Genevieve" I said very softly hating my name.

"Umm what did you say."

"Gene" I said instead.

"Jean like pants." He said.

"No Gene like the genes we have from out parents." He laughed.

"Oh what are you drawing."

"Oh it's nothing." I said putting my drawing in my drawing binder and looked back at him. He looked at me questionably but sat down next to me quietly. I closed my eyes. I finally opened them a minute later and looked at him. I notice he was staring at me. He leaned forward......


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