blablablabla goodbye .

blablablabla goodbye .

story below ;P

Chapter 1


by: iRoos
alright so chrome detected a virus on here
and i didnt use quibblo for uhm 3 or 4 days..i dont really know o.o
my point is that i have 383 messages now
and well lets face it..i'm lazy o.o

sooooo...bai bai :3
quibblo was fun but some retarded people came here and ruined the site @.@
i might create another account
but i wont add everyone on it
and i'll probably forget to create it o.o

hf with your non special lives
tbh i dont really give a fvck about what happens on quibblo @.@
i like some people
but yeah..the retards ruined it

now time for some hate
Grace_v...srsly i talked with you before you went emo, and you were fine lol
but then you went emo and made up fake stories (yes they were fake -.- i'm not that blind) so you're promoted to retard make too many quizzes -.-

meh lazy to list everyone
so i'll say it in general: if you like someone, tell them
do NOT make a quiz about it
if someone is mean to you, don't go emo >.> just troll the shiit out of him/her

gonna miss some people too @.@
July, Brandon and Sammy :P i'll add you guys if i ever create a new account o.o

johnny sorry for making you read hun ;P but this is mostly your fault XD

now have fun peoples
till ever or never, idc o.o



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