Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (A Brian Holden CHRISTMAS Story)

Ideally I'll write 25 chapters of this, one for every day up to Christmas. But that may not happen since finals and all that will probs get in the way. Either way, know this one's gonna probably be short and sweet, as I'd like to have it done by Christmas.

Warning: It's a Christmas story. Expect cheesiness galore

Oh, and the character is me haha XD

Chapter titles will be lines from Christmas songs naturally

Enjoy :)

Chapter 3

To face unafraid the plans that we made

"Come on guys! Let's go!" Mom yells.
I take the brownies she's holding before she flings them off the plate in her excitement. "We're all right here Mom," I tell her.
She nods, "Alright then. Let's go."
I climb into the backseat with Jack and wrinkle my nose. "Wow Jack, did you dump an entire bottle of cologne on or something?"
He scowls, "No." I'm not completely sure he's telling the truth but I drop it to avoid fighting.
The Holden's only live a few blocks away so it doesn't take us long to get there. As we pull into the driveway I feel butterflies fill my stomach. Why? It's just Brian. Just the guy I had the biggest crush on ever before deciding to push away my feelings and never look back. That's all.
Nancy opens the door and immediately pulls me into a hug. "Danielle! It's been too long! How's college treating you?"
"Good," I tell her with a smile, returning the embrace. It's hard not to be comfortable around Nancy. I've spent many days at her house eating a meal or beating Brian at some game or another. Hugging her eases some of my nerves, it's such a familiar feeling. And so is being with Brian right? Even after two years it should still be a reflex on how to act around him. I can do this.
Newly empowered I walk inside with Nancy and the rest of my family. "Brian! Lily! Mark! Guess who's here?!" Nancy calls. Brian's dad looks up from his place on the couch and waves.
"I don't need to guess Nancy, I can see them right there," he says with a laugh.
Brian and his sister walk out.
"Mom, you said you wanted us to help in the kitchen and now you're yelling at us to come out here? Make up your mind," Brian says with a slight scowl before smiling and waving at me. "I'd come hug you but I have flour all over me."
"/I/ on the other hand know how to not make a mess, so come here," Lily says, holding her arms open. I laugh and hug her quickly. Lily is younger than Brian and I by three years so all of us had some good times together.
"Do you guys need any help?" I ask Nancy, motioning towards the kitchen.
"Yes!" Brian exclaims. "I can't stand working in the same place as Lily."
"Oh I can do it Danielle. Unless you really want, in which case take my place. Then I can spend more time with my favorite little man," Lily says, ruffling Jack's hair to his dismay.
"Not cool Lils. That was annoying even when we were in elementary school," Jack responds, pulling away from her.
I roll my eyes at him before following Brian into the kitchen, leaving the rest of my family to visit. "So, what are you making?" I ask Brian, glancing around the terrible mess. It doesn't look like much has been accomplished yet.
"Uh, sugar cookies? I think?"
"You think?" I say, raising an eyebrow. "Here, give me the cookbook. I'll try to fix this."
Brian scowls at me and hands the book over. "I forgot that about you. You're always so freaking condescending."
"Wow Brian, did you learn some new big words at college since I last saw you?" I ask with a laugh.
He grins. "Actually I hang out with this guy named Darren who talks like that a lot. But I think he's just trying to impress this girl in our class named Geena with his wide vocabulary so I dunno...." He trails off, turning to grab a carton of eggs. Geena huh? Does he like her too?
"Well he seems like a good influence," I say with a smile, taking the eggs from him.
Brian nods and we continue our normal banter, warming back up to each other. All too soon though our conversation is interrupted by a phone ringing. Brian holds his hand up. "That's me." He answers his phone while I sit down at the table and try to look like I'm not eavesdropping. "Hello? Oh hey yeah. No. Really? You didn't!" Brian says with a laugh, shaking his head slightly.
Who is he talking to? A girlfriend? Why do I care? I shake my head and glance over at Brian to see him trying to catch my eye. He gives me an apologetic look and holds up his finger, motioning for me to wait just a little longer.
"Yeah, yeah, whatever Brian." Brian? Another Brian? Well it's not his girlfriend. "Look man, I told you to act normal. And trying to show Stormy's parents that you can eat a whole napkin is not normal okay? No I'm being serious it's not. Well of course they think you're a freak! Yeah, go fix it. Call me later k? Love you too man. Bye." He shakes his head and laughs, hanging up the phone.
"A napkin?" I ask him as he sits next to me.
Brian nods. "Oh yeah. Brian can eat paper. It's like a normal part of his diet," he tells me, tapping his fingers absentmindedly on the table.
"You don't eat paper," I point out.
He smiles and flicks me. "Brian Rosenthal. That's not my name. He's one of my friends and he went to his girlfriend Stormy's house for the holiday for the first time. And he went and ate a napkin."
"Maybe he was trying to impress them?" I suggest.
Brian laughs. "I'm sure that was it. But you'd think he'd learn. I mean seriously this one time Addie and Joey were over at my dorm along with him and Walker and...." My mind wanders as Brian goes on to tell his story. Stormy, Darren, Walker, Addie, Geena, Brian... so many new names. Are they replacing old ones I wonder? ".... and then he decided to show them that... Danielle? You okay?" Brian waves his hand in front of my face.
"Oh, sorry," I snap out of it quickly. "I was just thinking. I'm sorry."
Brian gives me a look and reaches out. He pokes my nose and I recoil. There's something on his finger. My hand goes up and comes back down with flour on it. "Got you!" Brian says with a grin.
I smile and stick my hand in the flour. "Oh yeah?"
Looking a bit worried, Brian gets up and backs away. "Hey now Danielle... come on...."
I lunge at him and get some flour in his hair. He retailiates by smothering some more on my face and soon enough it's an all out war. "Okay, truce, true," I gasp. Somehow I ended up in Brian's very strong embrace.
He laughs and lets go of me. He's a complete mess and I can't help but worry about how bad I must look. "Wow," Brian says. He's trying to keep a straight face and failing badly.
"Oh just say it. I look terrible."
I scowl and hit him. He just laughs and wipes some of the flour off my face. "There, all better."
"Oh yeah, that fixes everything," I tell him. I'm trying to sound mad but I'm still smiling.
"Well," Brian says, continuing to try to wipe off my face, "it's a start."

I don't know Brian's parents names. So I made them up! I also don't know his sister's name or if he has more siblings so she's the only one in this and her name is fictional as well. K? Alright :)

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