Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (A Brian Holden CHRISTMAS Story)

Ideally I'll write 25 chapters of this, one for every day up to Christmas. But that may not happen since finals and all that will probs get in the way. Either way, know this one's gonna probably be short and sweet, as I'd like to have it done by Christmas.

Warning: It's a Christmas story. Expect cheesiness galore

Oh, and the character is me haha XD

Chapter titles will be lines from Christmas songs naturally

Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

All is calm, all is bright

"Yeah, he's back," I tell my mom for the twentieth time since coming back home and realizing that after all of that I left the sprinkles at the store. As my mom mixes some cookie dough I pull out a pan of freshly made cookies from the oven and stick them on the cooling rack.
"Well that's so nice. Did you two talk for very long?" she asks me, sticking another pan in. Oh no, I know where she's going with this.
"No. We said hi and walked around the store to grab a few things together. He wanted to go surprise his family so we didn't get much of a chance," I respond cautiously, knowing I'm treading treacherous waters now.
She shoots me a look and goes back to the fridge to pull out the frosting my younger sister made earlier. "Well you two will have to get together soon, just like old times right? I should invite the Holdens over, it's been too long since we've all been together...."
"Mom, settle down," I interrupt her with a sigh. She scowls but doesn't say anything else, thank God. I put the rest of the cookies away before heading to my room for bed.
An hour later I'm still awake and tossing and turning in bed. This is just all too much. Brian... after two years I finally saw him again. And all of those feelings about him that I had from high school just came rushing back when I saw him in the store. Yeah, I had a bit of a thing for my friend. Not that anything came of it but still I don't want to be like that. The annoying clingy friend who is completely in love and everyone knows except the one that you want to know. Yeah, so not me.
So why can't I sleep? I get up out of bed and shrug on my coat and putting on some slippers before heading outside. I sit on our porch and wince for a moment from the sting of the cold. I can't say how long I've been sitting out there when the first snowflake falls, but it's been a while. By this time I've gotten accustomed to the cold, so it surprises me a bit to feel something freezing and wet land on my face.
I look up and watch as the next snowflake falls. And there comes another and another. Smiling to myself, I reach my hand out and catch one. It sits on my hand for just a second before melting away into nothing.

I come downstairs the next morning to see my mom already on the phone. "Oh yes that would be wonderful! Mmmhmmm. And tell Brian I say hi," she says. I roll my eyes and walk past her to the kitchen to get some food. My brother Jack is already at the table, spooning cereal into his mouth like there's no tomorrow. I watch with a mix of bewilderment and disgust. How can teenage boys eat so much?
Mom joins us as soon as she hangs up with a big grin plastered on her face. "Looks like we're all going to the Holden's tonight," she says with a smile.
Jack groans. "Mom, why?"
"Becuase they're our friends and we were invited," Mom says, chastising him.
He looks forlorn for a while longer before brightening considerably. "Is Lily going to be there?"
I shake my head. "Why do you care Jack? She's three years older than you and..."
"That's the point Danielle. God." He rolls his eyes at me and I scowl at him. Ah such a functional family.
"Good morning everyone!" Dad calls, walking in carrying his newspaper. He folds it up and pours himself some cereal. "Now what's this about the Holdens?"
"We're going there for dinner," Mom answers before tapping Jack's shoulder. "Hey, slow down."
Jack rolls his eyes again but slows a tad bit down. "You still haven't answered my question," he points out.
"I'm sure she'll be there. Unless she's like Brian and doesn't come home much," I answer, taking my bowl to the sink.
"I just want you all to be ready to go by five, okay?" Mom says. She's getting in that flustered mood that she always gets in when we're planning on doing something. She's always convinced that a million things are going to go wrong. Which she's right about, but still. She just needs to relax.
"Sure thing Mom," I say calmly. But on the inside I'm a bundle of nerves. Running into Brian at the store is one thing, but having dinner with his whole family? The Holdens are great, don't get me wrong, but this just seems like too much immersion for me all at once. This is a friendship that I've tried to push out of my mind since the last time I saw Brian and now all of a sudden it's right back to where it was before, right in front of my face. I guess I'll just have to go and try to be as polite, nice, and quiet. I might be able to accomplish that for just one night.
It's just that the last thing I want to be to Brian is a nuisance.

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