Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (A Brian Holden CHRISTMAS Story)

Ideally I'll write 25 chapters of this, one for every day up to Christmas. But that may not happen since finals and all that will probs get in the way. Either way, know this one's gonna probably be short and sweet, as I'd like to have it done by Christmas.

Warning: It's a Christmas story. Expect cheesiness galore

Oh, and the character is me haha XD

Chapter titles will be lines from Christmas songs naturally

Enjoy :)

Chapter 10

Underneath the mistletoe, hold me tight and kiss me slow

"Oh what's in that one?" my mom asks with a grin as I pick up another package. As if she doesn't already know since she's the one who wrapped them all.
"Gee Mom. I wonder. I bet it's a puppy," Jack says with a roll of his eyes. I crack a small grin that doesn't go unnoticed by Dad.
"That's the first time you've smiled all morning Danielle. What went on last night? Why'd you leave? Is that why you're upset?"
I shake my head. I am not about to start reliving last night any time soon. Preferably never again. "I'm fine Dad. Just tired I guess, I didn't sleep too well." That's not a lie exactly. I didn't sleep at all last night, I was too haunted by what I'd done to mine and Brian's relationship. I ruined everything. But maybe it's better this way. I won't have to long for him and he can go on ignoring me like he did before this break.
"Are you sure? Because..." My mom gives him a look that makes him stop midsentence. She's probably a bit more intuitive than him about some of this stuff, I'm sure she knows exactly what's going on. Ugh, I can't wait until we're alone so we can have that conversation. Maybe I should just go back to bed. "Oh honey just try to enjoy yourself at least a little bit," Dad pleads.
"How about you just go up to bed," Mom suggests. "You look terrible. I'll bring you some food in a bit okay?"
I feel like I'm going to cry, she's so nice and understanding. I nod and hurry upstairs before the tears come out. I'm not sure why I'm crying. If it's because I'm so happy I have a mom like the one I have or because it's Christmas and I feel like crap or maybe because the guy I love will never love me. Probably all of the above.
Sleep. What I need is sleep. Exhaustion is probably a factor in this somehow too. I climb into bed and close my eyes, but the rest I so deperately need won't come. My mind just keep replaying everything I said to Brian and the look on his face afterwards. I can't do this. I just can't.
A light tapping sound comes from my window. For a minute I think I'm imaginig things but then I hear it again. What is that?
Hesitantly, I get out of bed and sneak over to the window. I draw back the curtains and almost scream in surprise. A rock hits it. Scared, I duck down a moment before standing back up and hurtling the window open. I'm not sure what I think I'm going to do.... spit at the person throwing rocks? But whatever it is, I'm not in the mood to be messed with so they better watch out.
It's Brian.
"What the hell are you doing?!" I exclaim. "You scared me to death!"
He shrugs, looking a bit sheepish. "I didn't know how else to get your attention."
My stomach does a little swoon. He's here. And still talking to me for now. This is a vast improvement of what my life was two seconds ago. "Well what are you doing?"
"Uh, trying to talk to you. Can I come up?"
I try to hide my excitement. "Just use the tree." He makes his way to the tree we climbed back in elementary school and scales it with ease despite the snow. Soon enough Brian's standing in my bedroom, giving me a look that's mixed with sadness and excitement and something else. "What?"
"You look awful."
"Thanks. You're about the fourth person this day who's made this observation. I feel so great about myself."
"Well, I can't help feeling that's partly my fault," he answers, looking back down for a moment before back up at me. I give him a look and his face completely falls. "Or maybe completely my fault? Anyways, I'm here to right a few wrongs. Sit down."
I sit on the edge of my bed and he joins me. I'm hardly daring to breathe for fear that he's going to freak out on me and then storm out the way he should for how I've acted. "What?" I finally ask, looking at the walls, my bed, my hands, anywhere but at the one thing I want so desperately to look at.
"Danielle, would you just look at me for one second. I'm not going to turn you to stone," Brian says irritably. I glance over and see him smiling. "Now, you wanted to know why I was so distant. And why I haven't kissed you yet.." yet? "and some other things I'm sure but I'll stick to the two main one's okay? I never talked to you much because I liked you. No Danielle I loved you. Still do. And I thought... well I thought you just thought of me as a friend and that you'd completely hate me if I told you how I felt so I didn't. I tried to distance myself from you." He laughs. "Well, look at how well that turned out huh? Now you're pissed at me, for good reason, and I still love you. Not my best plan."
This takes a while to sink in for me. "Wait, you...?"
Brian smiles. "Always really."
I can't help it. I start laughing, which somewhere along the way turns into huge bursting, gasping sobs. Brian reaches out tenderly and hugs me close. "Hey, what's up?"
"Life is just so funny," I tell him, pullling away and drying my eyes. "It's just... look at us. We're terrible. And I'm sure you hate me by now, right? How could you not, the way I treated you?"
Brian smiles. "Didn't you just hear what I said? I love you Danielle. Despite all of my efforts, all the days I tried not to, I still do. That must mean something."
"I really care about you too Brian," I answer, glad to still be in his arms. "But why didn't you tell me sooner? Why didn't you come after me after I..." After I was a complete bitch.
"To tell the truth I don't know. I guess I was kinda freaked out, you never get mad or upset. I guess you kind of shocked me," he confesses. "But like I said, I'm here to right the wrongs. So come on." He walks towards the window and I stand, a bit perplexed.
"Where are we going exactly?"
"Just into your yard. I promise," he tells me, climbing out and back onto the tree. I follow a bit cautiously and soon we're both on solid ground. "Alright, now look up," he tells me softly.
I glance up and see something small and green hanging from my tree. "Brian what did you do to my...." My question is cut off by his lips crashing into mine. I'm caught completely off-guard for a moment before I register what he's doing, what that thing hanging from my tree is. It takes only seconds for me to throw my arms around his neck and kiss him exhuberantly back. He puts his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I knock into him and we both fall into the snow wrapped in each other's arms.
I suppose I should be freezing, laying in the snow without a coat on on Christmas morning. But I've never felt more warm and comfortable.

The End

Should I continue this to include New Year's as well or just leave it as a Christmas story? Let me know what you think!

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