Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (A Brian Holden CHRISTMAS Story)

Ideally I'll write 25 chapters of this, one for every day up to Christmas. But that may not happen since finals and all that will probs get in the way. Either way, know this one's gonna probably be short and sweet, as I'd like to have it done by Christmas.

Warning: It's a Christmas story. Expect cheesiness galore

Oh, and the character is me haha XD

Chapter titles will be lines from Christmas songs naturally

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "Yoo-hoo!"

I hurry out of my house to my car, my arms wrapped around me in some attempt to keep warm. My breath comes out in little puffs that visibly rise up for a moment before disappearing. In my silent fight against the cold I tug my stocking cap over my ears to try to keep them thawed out. By the time I reach the store though, I feel like a walking icicle.
Now what did Mom say she needed? My Christmas break from my last year at Northwestern Michigan College has just started but she's already sent me on errands. Of course I see my mom quite frequently since we're in the same town but still. How rude.
I've grown up in Traverse City Michigan my whole life, along with quite a few great friends. Of course all of them went on to bigger and better things besides me. I've been studying to be a writer and major in English. I didn't need to go to a huge school for that, so I stayed right in my hometown. My best friends, including a certain guy I may or may not have had a crush on, all left me there. I miss them but at least we still text and see each other every now and then. Staying in town does have its advantages though, like knowing your way around. I could probably manuever these store aisles with my eyes closed.
I head straight to the baking goods. Hey, it's almost Christmas. And what do you do for Christmas? Bake. A lot. I reach out and grab a few bags of chocolate chips and a thing of flour before heading down to the sprinkles. I'm contemplating on weither to buy green or red when someone's cart rams into mine. I turn, ready to chew whoever it is out, when I find my gaze piereced by some startlingly blue eyes. Familiar blue eyes.
My own eyes widen as I realize who just ran into my shopping cart and why. My mouth drops open for a moment before I remember to close it so I don't look like a complete idiot. It's Brian Holden, one of the guys I knew back in high school. We used to have shopping cart wars in this very aisle. He smiles at me. Well, it's more of a smirk really. "You gonna say hi or what?" he finally asks.
I shake my head to clear it. "Hi."
He laughs. "That's it? I haven't seen you in what, two years? And all you can say is hi? Come here!" Without any hesitation at all Brian pulls me into a hug like we'd never stopped seeing each other every day. "Man Danielle, I've missed you."
I smile and take comfort in his familiar embrace for a moment before pulling away and flicking his nose. "I missed you too. Where have you been? I thought you'd be in town the same times I was but no such luck."
He shrugs, "Doing a bit of this and that. I filmed a short series last year with some prize money that some friends of mine won, that was pretty fun. And you know... the usual. You?"
I return his shrug before tossing both containers of sprinkles in the cart. I feel like being extravagent today. "Doing a bit of this and that," I mock. Brian rolls his eyes but the smile doesn't leave his face. "Seriously though, I thought your parents would have at least told mine, aren't they supposed to be best friends?"
"Actually, my parents don't know I'm back yet, I was going to surprise them but I decided I needed to grab a candy bar first. Then I saw you and had to grab a cart and run into you with it."
"So now that that's done you can leave me alone?" I ask him.
He shakes his head, "Naw, that wouldn't be any fun. Here, I'll help you shop. And then I'll go surprise the family. And after that sometime soon you and I will get together and reminisce about old-times."
I smile, "Like senior year when we put you in that giant teddy bear to scare Mr. Cobb and your legs..."
"Yeah," he cuts me off with a small grimace, "like that. Now, what's on the list?"
I reach into my pocket and pull out the small sticky note that my mother had somehow managed to cram thirty items on. Brian takes it from me and squints at it for a minute before nodding his head. "Alright. Follow me."

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