Me and Mr Walker.

Me and Mr Walker.

15 yrs and over.

Chapter 1

The New Teacher.

by: Asherz
There's a new teacher at my school, Mr Walker. He's ravishingly handsome I haven't been able to take my eyes off him since the day he started. Im in year 11 so there's no older guys to look at anymore, I don't like guys my age I like a man. Mr Walker is definately a man. It's not just me that can't stop staring, all my mates find him extremely attractive too. Whenever he passes us in the corridor we can't help but stop and watch him and pretend to faint on eachother because hes so handsome.

The way he carries himself like a God. His black hair just rests on his head perfectly, his blue eyes so innocent when you catch them looking. His little line of stubble across his top lip, just makes me melt inside.

I catch him sometimes, looking at me in the corridor. I can't imagine his eyes looking at me, thinking im pretty. I wish I could spend time with him, when he's not teaching. Just see what he's like outside of school.

I've not been doing so well in maths lately, so my current maths teacher decided that I need extra tutoring. She recommended Mr Walker, i didnt decline. She set it up, every tuesday I would go and spend last period studying maths with Mr Walker.

Tuesday afternoon, lunch time.
"What we got last" Megan asked
"I dunno, but I got maths tuition with Mr Walker." I said with a grin on my face.
"What?! Just you and him?" Brook raised her voice in jealousy.
"Yep. Every tuesday last period just me and Mr Walker." I explained looking even more smug. Everyone was jealous, just looked at me silently, then the bell rang.
"Damn it man! You'll have to tell us everything!" Lilly demanded.
"Guys, what's going to happen, its tuition, its not like he's gonna rip my clothes off. He's gonna get a textbook and study maths" I said as we all starting laughing and headed off to our classes.

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