The last speed Wolf Demon

In the darkest pits of hell, a boy is born with a darkness that will eventually swallow him and the world. The only one who can save them from this fate was born a year later, a female half Speed wolf demon who has been missing for eighteen years. The Darkness has taken most of his soul by now, so he sets out to find her, the light to his Darkness, before the darkness swallows him and everything up. (Yeah... Don't eat cold pizza before bed folks!) XD

Chapter 1

A scheme to start the journey

Silver-fang marched in with the rest of the worst souls. The leader of hell has called all the inhabitants to a meeting. "Silence!" Silver-fang rolled his eyes, Thankful that his Master cannot see through his sunglasses. "Now, As you all know, Silver-fang here is a speed wolf demon. The fastest and deadlies of all demons" Silver-fang bowed as if he really cared about the introduction. He knew what his master was trying to do. Kill him, It's been on his list since day one. "Thanks gramps." His master smiled as Silver-fang went for the glass of wine his lap dog handed him. "We need to find Silver-fangs mate." Silver-fang did what everyone did when his master was in a nice mood. Do a spit take, cut him a what-the-hell look, then go hide. Well, Silver-fang didn't hide, but he was still shocked. "I don't need a mate Santan! i need to take this darkness to somewhere it won't swallow everyone here up. Like that one place where the good people go... What is it called?" Silver-fang looked around and shruged "the other h-place." Santan looked at him and shruged "It can only kill people and demons with evil hearts, Silver-fang. We could always kill you, and let whoever your mate is run off with another man." Silver-fang twitched at the thought. Maybe he does have a bit of his heart left, but no one must know he has any weakness of any kind. "Or, I can carry out plan K.T.E.R." There was a loud gasp from almost everyone when he said that. "Silver-fang, I can't even complete plan K.T.E.R. without the interference of the you-know-whats. just like that one song, the you-know-whats walk amoung them!" Silver-fang smirked and jumped on the highest point and shouted "Earth used to be our home before those filthy humans came along! we have waited over a million years, trying to avoid those Angels that god has sent to protect them, waiting to reclaim our home! It's time we take it back. i've learned how to go full out speed wolf demon, and unlike my ansestors, who have betrayed our Master, I'M on your side! I can reclaim it! as far as the Angels are concerned, the speed wolf demons are dead! it's time we reclaim our home, it's time we put Plan K.T.E.R. KILL THE EARTH RESIDENCE into action!" The crowd went wild, even Satan cheered. Part one check, everyone here's a sucker. "I shall leave first thing tomorrow morning."

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