Empty Heart (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Name: Winter Livington
Hair color: White-blonde with black tips
Eye color: Black
Skin tone: Pale
Nickname: Winny, Wint, Winty, Mint
Blood: Pureblood
Year: Fifth
House: Slytherin (hates it)
Dating: Harry Potter

Chapter 1

The Beginning Of Fifth Year

by: gallavich
"Mint! Where have you been all summer?" Harry exclaimed, wrapping me in a hug. Ah, Harry. The boy of my dreams!
"Sorry, but I had to visit France all summer. Not even enough time to owl you." I explained as we got entangled in the hustle-and-bustle of people boarding the train. It was busy this year. I was glad I already got sorted, or else I'd be waiting forever to get sorted into a house! Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me to the plain, laughing. Walking onto the train, I bumped into somebody. The impact sent me falling onto the ground, and I looked up to see the one person in the world I did not want to see.
"Livington." Draco Malfoy sneered from above me.
"I understand why your last name is MALfoy." I glared, getting up and grabbing my jet-black owl with green eyes, Shadow. He looked confused, but I didn't stop to explain. (If you are confused, Mal means bad in french.) I walked away, shoving past him, and finding the compartment that Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sat in. I put my luggage away and sat down next to Harry.
"It's official. I--" I started, but got interrupted.
"Hate him." The three of them said simoultaniously. (sp?)
"It's been official for a while, Wint." Ron pointed out. I looked at him and decided he was right. I've hated him all my life.
"Well, whatever. Let's change the topic, I'm trying to hold down my breakfast."
"I think he's a death eater." Harry blurted.
"Not this again." Hermione complained. I was getting tired of this bull, too.
"I bet it's true." Harry rolled his eyes at us, then added, "And I'm going to find out." He got up and grabbed his invisibility cloak, then left the compartment.
"Oh, god." We all said. I sighed and pulled out my iPhone.
"What's that?" Ron asked.
"You idiot, she explained that to you last year." Hermione said, hitting him on the arm. He rolled his eyes.
"I forgot. Can you explain it again, Wint?" He asked politely.
"Alright. This is called an iPho---" I started, but the whole train turned black.
"I thought Fred and George were done in Hogwarts." Hermione said.
"They have a shop, you know." Ron shot back. They bickered a bit and I decided to just listen to music. I leaned back in my seat and shut my eyes as Lost In You came on. Soon enough we arrived at Hogwarts. Finally.
Time skip, the feast
"I hate being a Slytherin." I complained, sitting down at the Slytherin table.
"I hate you being a Slytherin." I heard Malfoy say from the chair across from me.
"Who asked you?" I glared. He was damn annoying.
"Well, obviously you, since you were saying it out loud." He smirked. His goons laughed, and Pansy Parkinson came andsat on his lap.
"Drakey!!!!" She exclaimed, kissing his cheek.
"Parkinson get off of me right now." He said, pushing her off.
"Malfoy, you'd better be nicer to your girlfriend." I teased him.
"Oh, I knew you felt the same way!" Parkinson exclaimed, hugging him. I laughed and started to eat the food that was on my plate. Dumbledore said his boring speech, boring me more and more with every word. Finally when he finished, he told us all to go to bed. I got up and left, not going to bed, but sitting in the Slytherin common room.


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