Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel or Neko Part 4

Okay, so this origionally started out as a quiz, but i transformed it inot a story.... so yeah..
it left off with u getting pushed out a window and a boy catching you. A boy who claims to be your twin from another dimension.

Hope u enjoy

Chapter 1

Part 4

You stare up at him incrediously.
"My twin? From another dimension? Are you shitting me?" u ask. The boys come running out of the house and then stop with the same wtf? expression on their face (something like O.O) as you.
"Who the hell is that?" Zain asks u. U shake ur head, still having trouble comprehending it.

"I am Valek, her twin, i have travelled here from another dimension for a very important task" he says, still keeping an arm around you. Marius's eyes get wide and he holds out a hand.
"Valkyrie, come here" he says, u hesitate for a second. Go with these creatures or with the winged version of yourself. u stop and step back down beside your...brother?

"valkyrie, come over here. Please!" Tyrone begs, completely unlike him. You frown and turn around... freezing in terror. The tips of his wings are as sharp as knives, and they are pointed directley at you. Running you bolt towards the boy, one of the wings already speading towards you.

"I am the one and only!!!" Valek shouts, u trip and can tell the spike is going to hit u directly in the chest. NO!!!!! u scream and cover your eyes. A split second later, u hear a splat but feel no pain until something heavy falls upon u. Opening your eyes, u look in astonishment at Tyrone, who is laying prone and most assurdley dead across your legs.


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