Repost from the "repost" chain story

Repost from the "repost" chain story

Chapter 1


Height: 6'
Shoe Size: 12
S_xuality Orientation: Straight
Do you Smoke?: No
Do you Drink?: only water
Do you Take Drugs?: No

Age you get mistaken for: 17
Real age: 15
Have Tattoos?: Nope

Want any tattoos?: no
Got any Piercings?: No
Want any (more) piercings?: No
Relationship status: Have a girlfriend that I love very much :3.

Favorite Movie: Nightmare befor chistmass
Someone you miss: no one i can thing of as of this moment
What I hate most about myself: Second guess myself to much
What I love most about myself: Able to block our alot of school drama
What I want to be when I get older: Idk, maybe a chemist

My relationship with my parents: love my mom, but dont really care about my step-dad (i dont hate him, i just dont really care about him)

What I hate the most about school: The people in it

What my last text message says: Hello?

What word upset me the most: sl*t (people have called my girlfriend that just because they hate her but she has never done anything to be called that)

What words make me feel the best: "thank you, that really helped"

A wish that I have wished for repeatedly:For the human race to be wiped out (even though its mean its the only thing i have wished for repeatedly)

What I find attractive in girls: looks and kindness

Where I would like to live: Japan or alaska

My childhood career choice: Artist

My favorite ice cream: coffee

Who I wish I could be: The best boyfriend i can posibly be

Where I want to be right now: An empty, white space with just my self

The last thing I ate: A cookie :3

Favorite band: Skillet
Favorite of all time: Three days grace
Favorite of today in time:
1. I

Four favorite male artists: No prefrence
Three favorite female artists: No prefrence
Artist with the most influence on my life: The band RED
Top 10 favorite songs of all time:

1. Never be the same- RED
2. Last night- Skillet
3. So cold- Breaking benjamin
4. Time of dieing- Three days grace
5. Never to late- Three days grace
6. Last resort- Papa roach
7. Camotose- Skillet
8. Monster- Skillet
9. Breath into me- RED
10. Breath- Breaking benjamin

Ten favorite actors:
1.-10. No prefrence

Five favorite actresses:
1.-5. No prefrence

Favorite color: dark red
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite hair color: brown or black
Favorite gender: I love my girlfriend


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