My Life with Decepticons (A Transformers Prime fanfiction series)

My Life with Decepticons (A Transformers Prime fanfiction series)

This is the story of a kid given extraordinary powers by a shard of Dark Energon, and the giant transforming robots who captured her for those powers. Renamed and forced to start a new life as a Decepticon, young QuietSong struggles to fit in with the Decepticons and remain herself. Through laughs and tears, fun-filled adventure and action, QuietSong's life is transformed as she learns about trust, friendship, and how to rely on the strength of your family in even the most darkest of times

Chapter 1

Welcome to the Family pt.1: Loudmouth Prisoner

by: Prawn9
Welcome to the Family Part 1: Loudmouth Prisoner
I was having the most splendid time of my life! Here I was, shackled on my wrists and ankles, forced onto my bruised knees, my glasses cracked, surrounded by giant Decepticon robots all around me! Oh yes, this day was getting better by the second. And by better, I meant PRIMUS DAMN HORRIBLE.

Struggling against my bonds, I glared at the Decepticons. "You better let me outta the ship," I warned them. "I'll scrap all of ya." The troops, clearly unthreatened, simply pointed their guns at me. Realizing I couldn't do much or anything at all, against them, I stopped struggling and blew some untidy strands of black hair out of my face. "Jerks," I muttered.

A tall, wicked looking Decepticon stood in front of me and smiled an evil, sly, creepy smile. "So this is one of the Autobots' human pets," he spoke quietly, sending chills up my spine. "The one that found a shard of Dark Energon."

I gathered all my courage to look him right in the eye and speak up boldly. "And you must be Starscream, Megatron's dirt, rotten, aft-kissing robot son of a glitch!"

It looked like it took him a great deal of effort not to kill me right there. Starscream's eye twitched slightly as he clenched a fist.

"I demand a little more respect from you, insect," he spat, "I am the supreme leader of the Decepticons."

I almost laughed. "You? Ha! Isn't that Lord Megatron's job?"

Starscream was pissed. 'Nuff said.

Half an hour later

Later that day, I was hanging by my arms in chains with my feet dangling a few feet off the ground. The Decepticons locked me up in a prison chamber, which was surrounded by guards from the outside.

I swung my legs repeatedly. As I did, I asked myself, how did I get here? My mind began to drift back to the start. The start of when everything was normal...well, sort of normal after I met the Autobots. It started off as a normal day when some friends and I were hanging out after school. I noticed these two cars behind us, and when we realized they were the Vehicons, Decepticons drones, we ran. As soon as we were out of human sight, the cars transformed into hugs metal robots! One of them reached out to grab me and....


I snapped out of my melancholy reverie and looked up to see the irritated face of Starscream. Soundwave, the Decepticon master spy, stood by his side.

"Wake up, human germ!" Starscream growled, shaking me roughly by the shoulders.

I wanted to slap him away. But because I was chained up and due to the fact that I was much, much smaller than him, I didn't. But how I would give to at least hit him just once!

"I'm awake, I'm awake!" I snapped. "Don't be so pushy!"

Starscream gave me a piercing glare. I lowered mine. "First smart thing you've ever done," he smirked with satisfaction. "What is your name, by the way?"

I stuck my tongue out. "I ain't tellin'. Not like you'd care anyway."

He shrugged and looked me up and down. "So you must be wondering why you're here."

I continued to swing back and forth, staring at him with a raised eye brow. That was when my left shoulder began to ache. I let out an irritated groan.

Not now, not now!

"I have heard reports that one of the Autobots' human pets found a shard of Dark Energon," he continued. "And thankfully, Soundwave captured an image of that human."

A bright light flashes a blank screen on Soundwave's "face". On the screen was a picture of me gazing in wonder at the dark purple crystal in my hand. Oh no...They knew. I looked up nervously.

"You tried hiding it when the Vehicons found you, correct?" When I nodded, Starscream smiled, "you've been keeping it ever since. And I think I know where to find it."

"You know nothing!" I blurted out. The ache in my shoulder intensified and my heart began to pound. A smile crept up his face plate at my reaction. "Yes I do." He extended a razor sharp claw and hooked it to my shirt sleeve. My heart beat louder and faster...louder and faster...louder and faster...

Everything went by so fast. I did not notice Starscream rip off the sleeve, revealing a dark purple crystal pierced into the skin of my shoulder, near my neck. It glowed around my whole left side, energy pulsing from it and into my veins. I gasped in pain as it grew warm against my skin, then cooled back down.

"So the rumors are true," Starscream had barely recovered from slight shock. "You really did embed the Dark Energon shard into your own flesh to hide it." He clapped sarcastically. "Bravo, human, bravo."

I grit my teeth and balled my hands into fists. "Yeah, I did. Whaddya gonna do? Rip my arm off?"

Soundwave stepped closer to me and began to analyze me and began to analyze me from my arm to the rest of my body. "What are you doing?" I asked. But Soundwave gave no response. Instead his screen flashed again. A diagram of me visualized, this time with a bunch violet energy points labeling my arm and throat.

Starscream grinned. "The Dark Energon has affected you in...Strange ways." He turned his back to me and walked away, laughing.

The pit of my stomach began to boil over. I swung myself harder, rattling my chains. I opened my mouth to shout something.

Then the most unusual thing happened. Before the two Decepticons could leave my prison room, we heard my voice yell, "It's not over!" But it didn't sound like it had come through my mouth, but as if it bounced off the doors and hit them directly. Starscream staggered back and held a hand to his audio receptors. “What the frag?" he cursed, and slowly looked back at me. Our eyes met, and I'm pretty sure I looked just as confused. We held each other's gaze until Soundwave tapped Starscream on the shoulder and gestured toward the door. Starscream nodded and opened it. Before leaving, he hissed, "you're right. It's not over...not yet."

I was finally alone in my lonely prison chamber. When I coughed, it bounced off all the walls around the room.

"Now how'd I do that?" I asked myself.

A few hours later...

My eyes slowly cracked open to the dim light of the prison chamber. I perked up when I heard Starscream's voice from outside the door. It sounded like he was complaining about my behavior a while ago. He talked about wanting to rip my mouth off and cut my "spark" wide open in front of me. I kind of laughed at all those.

"Well this human seems to have some spunk," said a new voice I couldn't distinguish. "So how long are you planning on keeping her alive?"

Starscream sighed. "As much as I want her gone, I'm afraid we have to let her stay. Soundwave will run a few tests on her later today."


"Yes. Last night, her voice did something unusual. She spoke to us, but it did not exactly come out her mouth." There was a pause, then I heard him chuckle darkly. "She will be perfect bait for the Autobots. For sure, Optimus Prime and the others will come to her rescue. We can somehow use her vocal abilities to mislead the Autobots, making them think they are closer to her, when clearly they are being pulled into a trap. We will finish them once and for all, thanks to their friend."

I couldn't breathe. I gasped for air, but my throat felt dry and began to close. For the first few hours of my capture, the thought of my friends, the Autobots, rescuing me gave me comfort. Strength to pull through. But now, all it filled me with was dread. If Optimus Prime and the others came for me, the Decepticons would know. And they would be ready for them...ready to strike...

Ready to kill.

All these thoughts rushed into my head. I was scared...confused...dazed...

I received a smack across the face. My jaw felt like it would break. "Germ! Awake yet?" Starscream shouted at me.

"Was she sleeping with her eyes open? She looked sort of dazed," said the handsome, red decepticon beside Starscream. I've seen him before. Knockout, was it?

"Whatever," said Starscream, “I’ve brought you some good news. You're going to live, so I expect you be grateful." My stomach squirmed. I didn't think I could live with myself if my friends were harmed.

Starscream sneered. "I hope you had a chance to say goodbye to your Autobot friends. I think you will never see them again."

That's it.

"Release me," I muttered.

The smug smirk on Starscream's face vanished. "What?"

I lifted my head until our eyes met. "Release me now."

The red Decepticon nudged Starscream. "I think she just demanded to be released, Lord Starscream."

"Shut up, Knockout." Screamer glared at me. "I dare you say that one more time."

I spat, "What? You mean, REALEASE ME!!!" My voice was louder and bigger than I expected. I also did not expect a powerful force of sound to blast forward from the moment I spoke, staggering the Decepticons before me.

"YOU FRAGGING GLITCH!!" Starscream yelled, seething with rage when he got back on his feet. He raised his claws and brought them down on me. I swung hard to my right, barely dodging his blow. Instead, he broke the chains on my arms. I plopped down onto the ground.

I was free.

Without hesitation, I scrambled onto my feet and made a dash for the door.

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