My Ipod controls my life!

Chapter 1

hi :)

Put your iPod on shuffle and answer with the first song that comes up.

How would your friends describe you?
Jack Sparrow - han zimmer

InvaderBeth: Jack sparrow is so alsome. and yea somethimes i am a little like him. :)

How would your family describe you?
Crazy train - ozzy osbourne

InvaderBeth: first off Ozzy is alsome. one of my favs. second of all I realy think this song works for me for but not sure this is what my family would have to say.

What was your last relationship like?
chasing cars- snow patrol

InvaderBeth: it felt like that at first... but didn't last... sigh

What's the story of your life?
over my head - the fray

InvaderBeth: not realy...

The story of your parents' life?
I was made for lovein' you - kiss

InvaderBeth: I realy didn't need to know that...

What's your future going to be like?
school's out - Alice cooper

InvaderBeth: yep school will be out in summer! And in another school year i will graduate high school. :)

And your future boyfriend/girlfriend?
black horse and the cherry tree - KT Tunstall

InvaderBeth: aparently a horse will hit on me and or fall in love with me... hahaha :)

What's your current theme song?
Bad - Michael Jackson

InvaderBeth: beyond Alsomeness. btw love u MJ RIP :)

What do other people think of you?
Surfin bird - the trashmen

InvaderBeth: hahaha :) I guess they think I'm random idk. :)

What are you going to do this weekend?
Girlfriend - avril lavigne

InvaderBeth: Aparently i'll be telling somebody that they should break up with there girl friend for me! Bryan i'm better than misty and u know it. jk.... i'm writeing about somebody that will probly never even see this... hahaha :)

What are you going to dream about tonight?
casper cha-cha slide

InvaderBeth: ....

How are you feeling today?
Round and round - Ratt

InvaderBeth: karma will happen bit cchhe ess!

What major thing is gonna happen this year?
I wanna rock - twisted sister

InvaderBeth: when dosen't this happen :)

What mistake did you make in the past?
Thriller - Micheal jackson

InvaderBeth- another mj song! :) ( i haven't a clue what my mistake was.)

What mistake will you make in the future?
clocks- cold play

InvaderBeth: i will be came confused and question my self.

What's tomorrow gonna be like?
zelda- sideview

InvaderBeth: its just one of the realy old nintendo game themes... catchy but idk... I guess i'll adventure around wearin green and carrying around a lendgendary sword and prehaps rescue a princess at the end of it all. busy day.

cr ap it just switched to marios theme i hope i don't have to do all that mario stuff as well. after so many ur princess is in another castle i'll just lose it and nobody wants to witness me that way trust me.

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