A wave of the wand (HP fan-fic)

A wave of the wand (HP fan-fic)

Avery is Serious Black's daughter. She is attending her third year at Hogwarts.You'll find out the rest in the story.

Chapter 5

Christmas Break

A/N orange means she's excited

Riana freaks out on the plane and I end up giving her a sleeping pill so she’ll
shut up. When we land I shake her awake. We grab our bags and Uncle Reamus drives for a hour until we get to our house. When we arrive Riana stands by the mustang in shock. Our house is on the beach. It’s two stories and white with a lot of windows and window doors. We have a pool in the back.

“Come on Ri, we need to unpack so we can hang on the beach. I’m holding a party tonight and everyone is going to be there.”I say dragging her up to my room. In my room it’s dark purple with streaks of electric blue. My bed is opposite of my window door that leads to a balcony above my pool. I have a flat screen t.v. opposite of my black couch.

“You are rich!” Riana says falling on my dark red bed. “I’m so jealous. My room is soo small and I don’t live anywhere near a beach. Can we go swimming?”She says jumping up a rummaging through her bag until she takes out a green bikini that matches the ties we wear at school. I laugh and grab my black string bikini with skulls and we run outside.

We swim for hours and then go back inside a hour before the party. I dress Riana up in a dark green dress and fishnet legging with green strappy high heels. I change into a dark purple strapless dress that ends right below my knees and purple sandals. As we walk down the stairs the doorbell rings. I run down and open it to see my boyfriend Kyle. He has sandy blonde hair and deep brown eyes. He picks me up and kisses me as he twirls me around.

“Hey baby! You look great!” He says setting me down. “Hello Mr. Lupin. How is London?”
“Good Kyle. This is Riana. Avery’s best friend from school.” Dad-as I’ve come to call him lately- says steely. Kyle introduces himself to Riana who looks ready to faint.

“Kyle, Ri why don’t ya’ll head out back while I man the door.” I say my hair turning yellow. They nod and go to the pool. Soon the doorbell’s ringing non-stop. After a hour all the beach is in my or around my pool. Riana is having one hell of a time even though she has trouble not using her magic. I’m sitting in Kyles lap when he says he has to get something from inside. I let him up and talk to my friend Erin. After fifteen minutes I go inside to look for Kyle. I find him in my room making out with my best muggle friend Haley.

When he see’s me he jumps away. My hair turns dark purple highlighted in bright red. Before he or Haley can say anything I run out of there. Kyle follows me out.”Avery it wasn’t what it looked like. We were talking and I trippe-“

“Right onto her mouth? And you just decided that it was okay to make out with her!” I say my now red hair rising around my head. “You bastard! Get out! Now!” I say raising my arm ready to send a unforgivable curse but I decide better of it and slap him. Now the party is crowded around us. Kyle’s head snaps to one side and he looks at me, holding his red cheek.

“Get out and don’t you ever come back into this house or you’ll get much worse than a stinging cheek. Go. Now.” Kyle leaves and I go inside after telling people the party is still on. I go into my room and lay on the bed sobbing silently. Riana comes in.

“I’m so sorry Avery. I wish I could’ve used a spell on him. Want me to make everyone leave?” She says and I nod, not opening my eyes. Below I hear the music come to a stop and everyone head home. Riana comes in again followed by dad.

“Honey, I’m sorry.”He whispers, hugging me close. I sob into his shoulder.”It’ll get better sweety. Come on lets go downstairs and watch that new sparkly vampire movie.” I laugh weakly and get up.

“But Riana has to see the first three first.”I hear him groan but goes to find Twilight. Five hours later Riana is a Team Seth and additcted to Twilight. I hear dad grumble.”Werewolves are not like that.” Suddenly I remember tomorrow is a full moon. Dad is a werewolve. No he does not turn into a huge wolf and fall for a pale chick. No he turns into the werewolves of legend. Half human and half wolf.

It’s one in the morning before me and Riana fall asleep. I wake up to the sun shining right into my face and the smell of pancakes wafting from the kitchen. I shake Riana awake and we race downstairs. Dad is putting the plates on the table when we rush in. We dig in the food and when we’re done dad releases us to lounge in my pool all day. Towards night he calls us in for dinner. He made fried chicken.

“Avery remember to lock the basement doors okay. Last time you didn’t and they looked for a escaped bear for weeks.” I nod and after dinner I lead him into our basement.

“See you in the morning dad.” I call down the stairs and close the door, lock it, and put the key in my pants pocket. Riana looks at my confused.”Dad’s a werewolf.”I say heading into the kitchen to do dishes. A hour later the howling starts. “Don’t go to the door. It’ll just upset him.”

We mess around on my computer for a couple hours then Riana falls asleep. I stay up all night to let dad out. Once I unlock the door I fall asleep on the couch. Good night world

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