A wave of the wand (HP fan-fic)

A wave of the wand (HP fan-fic)

Avery is Serious Black's daughter. She is attending her third year at Hogwarts.You'll find out the rest in the story.

Chapter 3

I have to play quidditch

A/N green hair means she's scared or surprised.
I spend the rest of the day trying to calm down so my hair will return to normal. Well as normal as changing hair can be. People in the muggle world would freak out if my hair suddenly turned from blue to red. So I learned how to control it. Sorta. Finally after lunch it returns to electric blue. That is until Mrs. Mconagall talks to me.

"Mrs. Black. I’ve been informed that you have a natural talent for quidditch. So, since your house isn’t as good as let’s say Griffindor, I’m requesting you to play for Slytherin house. Now don’t get mad at me!"She says as my hair turns red."You should be happy that I’m asking you for this. Most of the students would die for a spot on the team. I’ll see you at practice today. Don’t make Snape mad again today. Please.” She says referring to how I sorta used the stupefy spell on him. His face turned red and he gave three weeks of detention.

I stalk off to change into a gray cami and a pair of gray shorts. I grab my broom and walk slowly to the quiddith field. When Draco see’s me he flashs me a smile. I just walk up to Snape."Can we get this over with? I have more important things to do then spend my time catching a flying ball." I say making Snape go all red in the face. He glares at me and stalks off. Draco comes up to me and tells me I’m going to be the seeker. I stand there with a confused look on my face. I never paid attention to the games. Half the time I just skipped them all together.

"The seeker is the person who gets the snitch. The snitch is the tiny golden ball. That’s all you have to do so don’t screw it up. We’re going to start practice so just try to get the snitch." He says getting on his broom I do the same. Snape opens a box and three brown balls fly into the air followed by a small golden one. I take off and chase it. The bugger is freaking fast!

After twenty minutes I’m getting really tired but the snitch is still going fast. I can tell a pattern now so I get a idea. I fly quickly trough everyone and stop right where the snitch is coming. Sure enough, five minutes later I raise my hand and the snitch flies right into it. I close my hand and feel the tiny wings fold in. Draco flies up next to me.

"That was pretty good for your first time but someone like Potter would get it before you. Try to get it faster."He says and flies off because the games about to start again. I give Snape the snitch and fly high in the air. Snape lets them go and I chase the snitch again. Each time we do this I catch it quicker and quicker. By the time practice is over my time is five minutes!

After practice ends I head to my room to take a quick shower. When I get out I see a note on my bed. Curious I open it. This is what it says

Dear Avery,
You don’t know me and that’s my fault. I’m your father. By now you’ve probably heard about my escape. I need you to help me. I have no where to go and I can’t very well show my face anywhere. By the way why are you in Hogwarts? I said you are not to have any magic in your life. Well beside that fact that your uncle is a werewolve. I’m very mad at you. I promise that we’ll talk about this when we see each other. That is when you set the time and place. Don’t worry I’m not that bad.
Your father Serious Black

I’m still sitting on my bed a hour later rereading the letter. Why the bloody hell does he think I want to meet him let alone help him! Riana comes in and seeing my green hair take my letter."Holy crap! No wonder you’re scared. He’s probably trying to lure you out to either torture you for information then kill you or hold you hostage. You for Potter. Damm I can’t believe this. Hey I wonder if he know about your, you know, mark." She says throwing the note in the fire and dragging my downstairs to the dining hall. I spend the evening with my hair changing from bright red to green.

I go to bed early and dream of a black wolf tearing me apart. I doubt I’m going to sleep peacefully this year. I wake up a like three in the morning and get dressed in my robes. I sneak outside and I slip into the forbidden forest. I first walked in it my first year. Oddly I feel peaceful here. I guess it’s just another sign that points to me being evil. Sign one: dark mark. Sign two: I can use the unforgivable curses. Sign three: I’m in Slytherin. Sign four: I’m at peace in the forbidden forest. Go ahead call me evil.

I eventually walk back to the school grounds and the dining hall. I spot Riana and I sit beside her. She raise’s her eyebrows and picks a twig out of my blue hair. I shrug and eat. After breakfast I talk to Uncle Reamus about bumping my grades since I’m his niece. No luck. But he did say Riana can home with us during winter break. She’s been begging me to let her stay ever since first year. I get more detention from Snape because he said I was doing something wrong and I tripped him. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I hate Snape. His voice is annoying plus he’s all arrogant and ‘I’m better than you.’

Practice goes by uneventful and so does the rest of the night. I decide to write dad though.
Dear Serious Black,
I do not care that you are my father. You helped Voldemort find and kill Harry Potter’s family. After he killed mom and gave me… Well I can’t stand to hear from you. Also I am in Hogwarts because I belong here. Uncle Reamus does not know that I have any contact with you but I will tell him soon. And I will not help you hide out. I don’t want to even hear from you again. Also you are not my father. For every perpose there is Reamus is my father. He’s raised and cared for me while you rotted in prison.
Avery Lupin Black

The days past uneventful, well except for my and Riana’s fights. It’s a month before Christmas and right now I’m sitting at dinner in between my friends Marena, Scarlet, and Charlene. Marena is tall and slender with green eyes and red hair. Scarlet is average height with long straight brown hair and blue eyes. Charlene has almost white hair with blood red tips that end at the waist, violet eyes that change to red when she’s mad. Charlene is a Slytherin like me while Marena and Scarlet are Griffindors. Riana is studying for a test with have with my uncle tomorrow.

"So I heard you got the Slytherin team a couple wins the last few games. But you won’t beat Harry." Charlene says, eating some mashed potatoes.

"We’ll see about that. I’m actually pretty good. Even Snape seems impressed and that’s saying something since he hates me. You should try out Char. I bet you would be better then half the team. Honestly they suck."I say.

"That’s because their Slytherins. Slytherin’s can’t play worth a shit." Marena says cowering from Charlene."I take it back!"She says when my hair starts turning red.

"You need to quit making fun of each other house’s. We’re still friends so we should drop the whole ‘my house is better than yours.’ It’s stupid." Scarlet says looking down. Her boyfriend who was a Ravenclaw kept fighting with about which house was better so they broke up and now Scarlet is really upset.

"It’s okay Scar. I heard Fred Weasley likes you. Why don’t you guys go out?" Charlene says patting her shoulder. Scarlet gags but I can see a slight blush on her cheeks. I have some matchmaking to do.

"What about you Char. You don’t like anyone? Not even hot Trent from Slytherin?"I ask and smile when she blushes. We talk about hot guys the rest of dinner then I walk with Car back to the common room.

"Worthless Muggle born's." Charlene says and the portrait slides open. See why I don’t like saying the password. I say night to Charlene and run up to my room. When I come in Riana is sitting on my bed reading a letter. She see’s me and hands it over to me, a scared look on her face.

I do not care what you think of me at this moment. I am your father and you must do as I say. Meet me at the shrinking shack in two weeks. I f you don’t I will expose myself and you will be the reason Harry Potter will be in danger. It’s your choice.
See you soon,
Serious Black

I throw the letter in the fire and fall on the bed crying. What can I do beside’s listen to him and meet him. Riana hugs me quickly and goes to bed. I spend the rest of the night thinking of what to do. By morning I have my answer.

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